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What is the best web store tool?

Asked by BenMont1981 (4points) August 7th, 2008

Consider price and usability

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I’ve never actually used it, but I’ve heard lots about Zen Cart. It’s free and open source, as well.

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BigCartel looks pretty good.

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I would suggest a hosted solution if you are going for usability. For example, both Yahoo and Volusion Commerce offer nice, easy-to-use plug and play shopping cart platforms. They are scalable and easy to learn. Using open source carts is cheap, but more complicated. Now, if you already have a store, you may be asking something else. Are you looking for a store solution, or a solution for your store?

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just be sure to understand your needs. If you are trying to build a large sustainable eBusiness, do not skimp out on the initial solution.

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Magento. It’s open source, completely free, and has more features than a lot of pay carts.

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