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Which is a greater chore for you...emptying the dishwasher or the clothes dryer?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 29th, 2017

Which do you dread the most and why? Do you purposefully ignore the inevitable task hoping someone else in your family or the neighbor somebody anybody will do it for you? So…which would you rather not do…empty the dishwasher or the dryer?

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I have neither of these machines.

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No dishwasher but I hate drying dishes and putting them away.

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Those of us privileged enough to be among the 1/7th or so of humanity that owns those time- and labor-saving machines should not complain about it but feel utterly blessed because we don’t have to spend literally hours every week hand-washing our dishes and hang-drying our clothes.

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It’s close but I think I dislike emptying and shelving clean dishes more—especially the flatware.

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I’d rather do dishes by hand than empty the dishwasher – so the dishwasher is now a storage device for condiments.

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Emptying the drier, I guess. I would LOVE to have a dish washer to empty!

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Ahhh @BellaB You are one of those who will hand wash their dish solely because the dishwasher is full of clean dishes all to avoid the inevitable chore of having to empty the dishwasher. Shrewd!

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They’re both easy. I kind of like using the dishwasher in both directions (loading & unloading), and I don’t mind using laundry machines. The only part that starts to feel like a chore is after unloading the clothes drier, having to sort and especially to fold the laundry. So laundry is the greater chore for me, but unloading the machine is the least part of it.

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Bravo @Zaku truly one to be admired! It all falls apart when it comes to sorting socks…cruel and inhuman punishment.

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Like @Zaku, both of them are easy. Clothes get pulled out as soon as done, and folded so they will look fresh when I wear them.

Dishes are easy too, just a quick couple of minutes and the kitchen can look tidy.

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I have no problem with either task. The jobs are so much a part of routine maintenance, like tying your shoes or brushing your teeth. There are just too many more grave and pressing matters to deal with.

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Ahem, we have sta…oh you know by now ;-}

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I hate emptying the dishwasher. Stacking it and putting the pod of soap in is easy.

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Both are like “meh”

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I wish I had either one TO empty!

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About even.

The problem is not emptying the dryer. The hard part is sorting the fried stuff and folding it and putting it away. It’s mindless work.

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Fifty years of emptying dishwashers. Enough already. I enjoy laundry, though.

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Um. This is tough. Too tough for me. It really kind of is.

Let’s talk about Trump instead! :D :D :D

@elbanditoroso If your dryer is frying your clothes you should look at getting a new one. Or, maybe turning it into an oven.

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^^Funny lady! lol

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OK. After thoughtful consideration: I hate both jobs, but I’d rather unload the dishwasher. It’s boring, but I’ve accidentally timed it the past and it takes under 2 minutes.
With the dryer, you have to sort and fold them, then haul them about the house in increments, putting stuff away, so that is the greater chore for me.

On Sunday I washed my arm brace in the dish washer, then put it in the dryer to dry. The dryer was full of sheets and socks and white stuff that was already dry. After 30 minutes I went looking for my brace in the dryer. I pulled out one thing at a time, sorted it, telling myself that I had no intention of completely unloading the dryer. I was just pulling stuff out until I found my brace, then I wold walk away
And I did.
And two hours later, after getting myself psyched up, I pulled everything else out, where upon I had to make the bed. Bleh.

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I enjoyed both. It’s washing the dishes that I don’t like.

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I actually preferred washing dishes by hand. Something soothing about it. My kids like it too, even though they, and I, all have dish washers. Maybe it was all those after dinner talks we had over warm soapy water, and hot rinsing water.

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Emptying the dishwasher is my least favorite household chore of all time! It’s why when I built my own house from scratch I had two dishwashers, and I’d do it again! If I didn’t feel like unloading the dishwasher I still had another one to put the dirty dishes in. It was great.

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I do them both with ease. What I hate is vacuuming and dusting.

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I hate housework altogether.

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