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What is your time worth per hour? (details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17713points) February 8th, 2017

Take your yearly wage, and divide by 12 and then divide by 4 and divide by 40? If it is a secret then list someone in your field.

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You’re asking everyone what their salary is. Don’t think you’ll get many takers.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me They can make another account and answer. Lol your right. Even Fluther has discretion.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me O.k I’m flagging this question.

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If we took my yearly wage, we’d be calculating with zero, which, as far as my math knowledge goes, always gives zero.

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What my time is worth is different from what I am paid. Like most people, I consider my time generally more valuable than what I get paid.

You can put me down for $500 per hour.

By the way, the standard formula for annual hours is 2,080 (52×40).

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Pay me $1 billion/hour. I’ll finish in just a few minutes.

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I’m not going to make a new account just to answer this, but do you mind if I go through your garbage?

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I make around 70 a hour. But I also spend time finding clients and then all the details and billing. It works out to much less. But if I am working I get 70 a hour.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , Why are you asking this? You can look up online the salaries for various professions. What is important is whether the amount of money you are getting is adequate for your needs. If it is not then get a job.

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There is not need to flag this. You are asking a legit question. My rates vary a lot.

I am an experienced, professional engineer. Rates can vary from $75 to $200 per hour. BUT, like @johnpowell stated, the clock is not running all the time. Sometimes the clock does not run at all even though I am working. Between contracts I can be at zero for a while
When I am cutting and splitting wood at home, I am effectively paying myself about $2.00 per hour, rather than let my oil heating system run.
When I am cleaning up the orchard or fixing things at home I am effectively paying myself minimum wage since I can pay someone else to do.
When I am helping someone work on their house, or car, or other project I am effectively paying myself minus $20 to $100 per hour since I end up donating my time, parts, and equipment.
When I bend down and pick up a penny from the sidewalk I just paid myself at $36 per hour.
My world record pay rate was $51,000 per hour. I got paid $100 for 7 seconds of air time as an extra in a TV drama, once.

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