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Do you follow questions while not being a participant in the answer thread?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30670points) February 8th, 2017

I’m curious.

I have done this with a few questions that I was interested in, but I had no knowledge of the subject matter needed to participate.

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I have at times.

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I sometimes follow questions about math or science.

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I sometimes follow political ones for the fun of it for a while but I only occasionally feel the need to opine any more. Also, some of the “Should I talk to him about this” ones.

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I do a lot of times if it’s an interesting question but I have nothing to add.

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I lurk. I’m on Fluther every commercial break and at least once per hour except when I am sleeping

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Absolutely. Love that follow button.

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Not as a practice but I have on rare occasions. usually I discover there is nothing I can bring to the narrative so i fall away but check it time to time,

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I mostly lurk.

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Rarely. But I don’t like to comment on something I don’t know much about. So, I shadow some threads to learn more about the subject.

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I’ll follow without an answer, but not all the time.

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All the time. I’ll check in and “follow” and then later on when I have more time, I may or may not comment. Sometimes I may not read the entire thread (if there’s a lot on it) for weeks. Sometimes then I’ll just delete it without reading it. I did that with some election posts. I was following but not reading them, and now it’s old news so I just deleted them.

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Sometimes. Especially if I think I might want to respond at a more convenient time, or after a few more people have chimed in; it can help me to form my own opinion sometimes.

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Probably about half of the activity I follow I haven’t actually commented on.

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Add me to the number of “once in a while”. I will if I am extra curious on a subject but don’t have any insight.

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No one else admits to following for the “popcorn effect”?

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Yes. Being honest I have Fluther on my computer open as a tab 24/7.I don’t check it super often as usually I am working on something else but during lulls I do.
Sometimes I follow questions I haven’t answered but usually, I just follow questions I have answered.

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Sometimes, but I give up after a while. I don’t have enough attention to read alla them answers. I rarely stop following though. I may have enough will power to read through it.

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All the time! I was following this thread without commenting—admittedly only for a few hours—and then I realized the irony and felt compelled to respond.

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Sometimes I will follow the medical questions to make sure nobody is giving shitty advice.

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^And it’s much appreciated.

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Quite frequently.

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If it is not interesting enough to participate, then it is not interesting enough to follow, either.

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Use your imagination, loli.

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I usually use the “follow this question” button I need more time to compose and/or research an answer.

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Sometimes. I don’t do it very often though. There have been times I follow, and don’t intend to comment, but then once the discussion ensues I begin to form an opinion and join in. Most times when I lurk it’s a “general” question that I’m very interested in the answer, and it’s not an opinion oriented question.

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