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Have you heard of getting injections in the eyeball and what are they for?

Asked by Aster (19678points) February 9th, 2017

I have an old friend, about 84, who was getting a shot in her eyeball once a month. On “Mad Money” a guest was saying their company has a solution for the needle so “the injections only need to be given every three months. The doctors don’t like to give them ; they’re uncomfortable. ” He said they are given behind the eyeball.
Does anyone know what the purpose is? My friend told me after getting three shots the doctor said , “they didn’t work. We’ll try something else.”

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Yes. My grandmother had that procedure. It is for Macular Degeneration or deterioration of the retina. I think the shots are to delay the progression of blindness but there is no cure right now.

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Thanks. My dad had MD but he never had shots. I think he said there was no cure.

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@Aster It’s relatively new and is used for one kind of macular degeneration – I think the wet kind – and not the other. My Dad had dry and there was no cure either, at least at that time.

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I think my dad had the dry kind too.

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Exactly what @chyna said. My 80-year-old MIL has been getting them done for two years now.

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I could never face a needle coming towards my eye. I’d just buy thick glasses. That is, if they’d help MD.

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For teachers who are getting needle from unruly pupils

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