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How do you pronounce "Goudie"?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32472points) February 9th, 2017

I’m reading Anthony Trollope’s Barchester Towers. I don’t know how to pronounce Mrs. Goudie’s name. I’ve settled on “goodie” in my head.

How do you pronounce it?

What other words do you pronounce in your head as you read, but are truly unsure of?

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Who’s Mrs Goudie in it? I must be forgetting someone. In any case, I think I would say Mrs. Goo-dee but Mrs Proudie is Prowd-ee.

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I am crimson.

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@Hawaii_Jake I was wondering. That’s what you get for reading on the bus – on your smart phone??.

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It’s the bus! Yes, we’ll settle on that one.

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I was here for months before I learned to pronounce Fluther. I still say floother in my head.

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I learned about Alexander Goudie in art school and it was pronounced gow-dee (like howdy).

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If she is French, it could be read as “Guddi” with stress in i.

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@Sneki95 I think in French the “ou” would be “oo”.

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@janbb I assume you read u as uh. I forgot about that, I read it as oo. Phonetic reading heh.

What I meant is what you addressed, the u being read as short oo.

Btw, address is one of the words whose pronunciation is a mystery to me. Is it with a stress in the first syllable or the second? I’m never sure…

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@Sneki95 Either way is acceptable pronunciation but I tend to accent the first syllable.

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@janbb Oh, ok, thank you.

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I put the emphasis on the first syllable when address is used as a noun and on the second syllable when it is used as a verb.

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I would also rhyme it with howdy.

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I’d read it Gow-dee.

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I would’ve pronounced it “goo dee”... but evidently, I would be wrong:

Or, I might be right: 3/5 of the examples here: say “goo dee”.

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Here’s a variant on the question:

How do you pronounce the architect Gaudi’s name? I have always thought of it as Gow-dee; is that correct? He was Spanish.

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^Exactly how it’s written: ga-oo- dee. Only a bit faster and with stress on i.

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