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Who are or were some good-looking people, who are or were ugly human beings?

Asked by Brian1946 (32009points) February 9th, 2017

For examples: a handsome serial murderer, a foxy fascist, etc?

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Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan is creepy looking

Ted Bundy, of course.

On a lighter note, Tom Cruise. Eddy Murphy. They’re just assholes, from what I’ve heard.

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I bet Charlie Mason was good looking, before the evilness invade every pore and nerve in his body. I bet he looked like Jesus (as the good looking versions portray him.)

Oh, HA HA! Donald Trump!

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I think Mechele Linehan qualifies. She was engaged to marry three men at the same time two of whom later died violent deaths. Not everyone agrees with my assessment and she is a free woman today. You can read more here.

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Aileen Wuornos looked like Charlize Theron (is joke)

This woman apparently


Muammar Gaddafi back in the day

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What a dreamy dictator he was.

I could see casting Johnny Depp as him.

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Somewhat intriguing:

I looked for pictures of young Hitler and I found @ANef_is_Enuf‘s image of Stalin, and images of JFK and David Bowie.

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@Call_Me_Jay Gaddafi looks like Harrison Ford.

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I’d rage fuck Sarah Palin…just sayin

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The Boston marathon bomber. He is such a pretty boy. What a crazy turn.

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You haven’t seen Young Hitler yet.

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Ohhh. Arrogant even then, @Mimishu1995. Kind of reminds of of the look on young Barron’s face when I see pictures of him.

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^^^^^^ That is way outta line.
How would you feel about somebody calling your daughter a bitch or saying your grandkids are ugly just because they don’t like you?
You are better than that. Take it back.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t see it as arrogance, I see it as confidence, and I’m impressed by it from someone his age. In fact I feel really sad for him when I look at his face and his childhood story. If it hadn’t been for his brother’s death and the art school, he would have been the world’s saint.

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Look how his arms are crossed in defiance. He’s looking down his nose at the world.
How do you blame his brother’s death and art school for the monster he became??!!

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I didn’t say Barron was ugly, @Patty_Melt. He isn’t ugly at all. I said he has that same look of arrogance that Hitler had at the same age, and, I’m sure, his father. And it’s not his fault. His father is telling him he is better than any other boy, and you know he is. It’s not his fault.

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Patty is right. Dutchess. I can’t believe you compare a kid to Hitler just because you don’t like his father. The hell is wrong with you? It’s one thing to dislike someone, but attacking his kids is really, really crossing the line.
And what the hell do you know about Barron anyways? Did you nanny him since birth to know what he’s like and how does his father treat him?
You people, all of you, seriously need to get over Trump already and move on with your lives. You’re loosing your grip here.

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Watch the first few seconds of this video.

If Trump was up there saying, “He’s stupid, he’s ugly, he’s weak….” what image would Barron have of himself just 9 years later?
He is developing in the image his father wants him to develop, and it’s just starting to manifest. I don’t don’t blame the child. I blame his father.
It’s always possible that Barron can over come that, as Trump’s brother did. Trump’s brother was a decent, caring human being in spite of their father. He also committed suicide because he felt like such a failure in his father’s eyes.

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You need professional help.

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Oh, get over it @Patty_Melt, and try to read what I was saying. Barron is growing into what his father has been raising him to be. That isn’t his fault. Did you watch the first couple of seconds of that video, where he introduced Barron at 9 months of age?

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@Dutchess_III that looks like a negative attitude to you, but a positive one to me. I’m not going to argue about that, but why are you so sure Hitler is a monster? You only see what he did and fails to see what motivated him in the first place. What do you think would happen if he was enrolled in the art school? Do you believe that it would still turn him into the monster we know today? Of course we cannot be sure, so why jump into such a conclusion so easily?

I don’t mean anything here, but you need to learn to think about more possibilities. Not everything you see is what it is. That kind of thinking is too superficial.

Seriously this is supposed to be a fun thread, until someone went too far.

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And she labelled my joke “gross”…laughable much

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So, are you suggesting Hitler wasn’t a monster @Mimishu1995? Or are you just forgiving him because it wasn’t his fault?

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I think @Mimishu1995 was talking about Hitler not being inherently a monster when he was young and maybe he could have been diverted.

Also, I don’t know about Vietnam specifically, but Hitler doesn’t provoke the same visceral “worst person in history” reaction in Asia that he gets in the US and Europe. Nazis and swastikas aren’t automatically seen as signs of evil.

For example:

In Japan, an “instant Hitler costume” was marketed for seven years before a complaint from the Jewish rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center prompted its withdrawal, the website says. And in China, it says, 14 Izzue shops were decked in swastikas in 2003 until foreigners complained.

Bangkok gets a lot of not-so-honorable mentions for what’s described as “Nazi chic,” a reference to young people such as schoolchildren wearing knockoff uniforms from Adolf Hitler’s troops. In 2013 a fried chicken take-out restaurant in the Thai capital named itself “Hitler.” It sported a black-and-white image of the man on a red sign looking awkwardly like Colonel Sanders of KFC. Link

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It’s important to note that the article you cited read, in part “Dress-Up Games And A Sense Of Power… They’re not usually taught about what the real Nazis did more than 70 years ago.” I know people my children’s age who are clueless about the concentration camps.

So, are we destined to become the fucked up people that our parents, or life experiences, taught us to be?

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My guess is kid’s in Asia don’t learn about the Nazi concentration camps, just as American kids don’t learn about the equally horrendous Japanese occupation of China.

It doesn’t surprise me that some Americans don’t know about the the concentration camps, because I don’t have a high opinion of the general knowledge among the population. But the history isn’t disappearing.

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Yeah, the person is 40 something, and utterly clueless. Had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Auschwitz. I want to sit her down and watch Schindler’s list. But she’ll probably think it’s just a made up, Hollywood, horror story. She isn’t very smart in general.

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