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How do you want the country to be run?

Asked by JLeslie (65330points) February 11th, 2017 from iPhone

Americans are having some internal political wars. Lots of words are being thrown around. Democrat, Republican, Progressive, European left, alt-right, and the list goes on. I was on this Q where jellies were arguing which way the US is going. People debating which way the American people really want their political leaders to go, and it occurred to me that I wanted jellies to really describe what exactly they meant.

For instance, do they think the country would be best with free enterprise, but government run medical care, a universal basic income for all, free housing for everyone, free college, putting kids on education “tracks” at a young age, a simpler tax system, etc. What’s your vision?

At the end of your description please tell us what you call it. Conservative? Neoliberalism? Progressive? Socialist? Capitalist? Left? Right? Moderate? Whatever word or words you see fit.

This Q is not only for Americans. All are welcome to talk about the political system and details they want for their own country. Let us know where you live.

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By the Queen of England, your rightful sovereign by the Grace of God..

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Or by a computer.

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Without ideology.

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By the book

AKA The US Constitution.

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Fairly with enough regulations on big business that they don’t stomp and crush small business and the working man plus the environment into the ground.
With EVERYONE paying their fair share of the tax burden.
I know a pipe dream but you did ask and this is for every country not just the usa.

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Parlamentary monarchy.

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I want ragingloli to run shit.

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Quick and dirty answer, short on details, in no particular order:

1. Free education to the post-secondary level
2. Wisely regulated free enterprise. Free enterprise does not mean laissez faire.
3. Universal health care
4. True campaign finance reform, including lobbying reform.
5. Corporations are not persons, but organizations owned by people. Same with unions, trade groups, and other lobbying groups.
6. Individual voters’ rights should be assumed valid, unless proven otherwise.
7. Collective bargaining concerning wages and working conditions is a right not a privilege.

Where do I stand? Far to the “left”. I consider myself a grassroots progressive (small “p”), and I hope for a system of government that promotes civil liberties, human rights, economic justice, a healthy environment, and a reinvigorated democracy.

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@Strauss nailed it in one – or actually 7.

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1. Most importantly, stop destroying the planet and pushing non-human species to extinction and destroying ecosystems. Switch to non-greenhouse sustainable energy and technologies as quickly as feasible. Provide for the needs of non-human species and eco-systems, restoring wildlife habitats, stop poaching and other threats to endangered species, stop over-fishing, stop bee-eradicating pesticide use, stop eradicating biodiversity through needless GMO monoculture crops, more to more sustainable/natural agricultural practices, etc. Remove corporate rights to plunder the planet’s resources for profit.

2. Next most importantly, identify and remove all corrupt oligarchic string-pullers and their minions from power. Dismantle all the networks of international mega-corporations, and reform their corporate charters so that they are all to do good non-harmful things (taking non-human environmental interests greatly to heart, as well as the needs of non-wealthy people) more importantly than profits or growth. Remove corporate pawns from public office. Remove big-money from politics. Remove/replace corporate news media.

3. Provide for the basic needs of all humans. No one should be without food and water, shelter, or ordinary medical care.

4. Stop warmongering, despotism, and population feuds. Much of it should already have been vastly reduced by handling issues 1–3. Remaining issues should also be handled by pruning as necessary, assuming the means are available or can be figured out.

5. Provide for the well-being of all people. Free education. Better free healthcare. Basic universal income. Eradication of toxic debts (national, World Bank and personal) and interest on debt. No taxes on people’s homes. Rent control.

6. Establish democratic systems that actually take people’s actual opinions into account. No more forcing them into a false dilemma about which corporate pawn to appoint to represent them for years at a time.

7. Establish rights to freedom of access to uncensored unfiltered unthrottled information without corporate greed-mongering, and to privacy without wiretapping and recording and tracking communications.

8. Overhaul and/or abolition of legal systems for patents, copyrights, and other “intellectual property”. No more billion-dollar lawsuits between corporations about swiping a touchpad, GUIs, and certain not on DNA, even of GMOs. No more calling copying data “piracy” – establishment of new systems for rewarding content creators that don’t rely on criminalization of copying data.

9. Acceptance of other cultures, lifestyles, religions, cultures, etc.

There’s still room for plenty of free-enterprise and wealth accumulation, just not at the expense of destroying the planet, driving species to extinction, depriving people of basic needs, political corruption, civil rights, violence, censorship, deception, monopoly, pollution, etc.

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Preferably not into the ground.

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@Zaku “Overhaul and/or abolition of legal systems for patents, copyrights, and other “intellectual property””

You’re fucking out of your fucking mind.

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@SecondHandStoke Did you trademark that?

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@janbb I’d be willing to bet the bank that when you and @Zaku sat down in front of Fluther today it never even crossed your “minds” to worry if you had accessed the genuine Fluther.

If yours and @Zaku ‘s time, labor and talent is not great enough to be worth protecting please do not assume this is the case for everyone else.

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Just making a joke. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Not an issue I have taken a stand on.

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Yes, I understand you were making a joke.

I thought about mentioning this in my reply but I used your comment to further my statement to @Zaku.

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Just as it is, funny as fuck & as i’ve said, America & Trump truly deserve each other.

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