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What does it mean when you dream about your ex?

Asked by Newfam1713 (4points) February 11th, 2017

I had a dream about my ex who I still live with separate rooms. His cousin was there and some girl that I had seen earlier in the day that I don’t even know. That he was going on a date with her or something like that. His cousin was saying something to me donot remember but I remember feeling crushed that he was starting to see someone else. I’m the one that caused the relationship to end by being given dishonest to him about money. He is the only man that showed me what TRUE LOVE is.

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What exactly was your dream about?

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Time to move on. Maybe your not compatible and no fault of your own.

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It means you feel guilty about lying and ruining your relationship and that you are unhappy that he is moving on. I hope you’re leaving him alone in real life. Let him heal from your deceptions and move on. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them in your next relationship.

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Remember that it is your dream, NOT HIS….

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It means your subconscience was being lazy about finding subject matter for your dream, and just went for what was close and handy.

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Nothing, it could have been about a teacher from high school, the Pope, the Terminator Alien, who knows why the brain dreams what it dreams.

He is the only man that showed me what TRUE LOVE is.
I guess it wasn’t returned in the way he gave it if you thought not to be honest and transparent, why risk TRUE LOVE over mere money?

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I not sure what it means but I still have dreams about my ex and I dont care for them.Why does my brain still hang on to the memories when I no there no feelings there.Wish I could make them stop.

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Okay, my response posted double, then disappeared.


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I just woke up from a dream in which I was participating in the world championship of underwater bare-knuckle boxing against holographic sea creatures. I was fighting a virtual orca and lost because I’m a bad swimmer.

Dreams don’t actually “mean” anything.

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Whoa! Wish I could have one like that.

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You are lucky if I understand correctly you are still living together…maybe there is a chance for reconciliation? Feeling sadness in the dream a normal thing now. Money is a funny thing and if trust was lost that is very hard to get back and has to be done very conscientiously I think. It sounds like your dream was about accepting the loss of him to another which is a terrible thing to go through. Maybe things can be worked out if he is the only true love you have known. We don’t know your age either or the specifics of the dishonestly about the money. Wishing you well.

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