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Did the Russians get their money's worth?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24153points) February 14th, 2017 from iPhone

It would appear that Trump’s tenure is to be decidedly brief. In any event, there will be no more talk about the possible lifting of sanctions. Do you think even the Russians had any idea just how inept a horse they were backing?

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Their goal was to weaken the colonies and to sabotage the C’s standing in the world.
looks like a success to me.

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If Trump’s head rolls, then someone in Moscow ought to be decapitated as well, for having assessed things so poorly.

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There are signs Putin is showing some regret for his choice of puppet.

Foreign Policy – February 13, 2017 – The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump.

…It’s true that Trump’s accession…may perhaps foreshadow policy reversals that Moscow has long hoped for: from Washington’s disengagement from the Ukraine crisis to its dissolution of the Cold War Western alliance.

..With Trump in the White House, moreover, Putin has lost his monopoly over geopolitical unpredictability. The Kremlin’s ability to shock the world by taking the initiative and trashing ordinary international rules and customs has allowed Russia to play an oversized international role and to punch above its weight. Putin now has to share the capacity to keep the world off balance with a new American president…

…Meanwhile, using anti-Americanism as an ideological crutch has become much more dubious now that the American electorate has chosen as their president a man publicly derided as “Putin’s puppet.”

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There is nothing coming from the Administration on Russia’s escalation in Ukraine. To that extent, Moscow is “winning”; as long as Trump is fearful of crossing his puppet-master, Russia will not restrain themselves.

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If the Russians did anything I guess they figured a lame horse beats a snake in the grass, or a slimy eel, or a bucket of maggots.

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How much money is involved here? If Russia put up more than a Washington then it was a suckers bet.

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It seems like quite the bargain one way or another. This country’s government is certainly tied up in knots. And as the world is mesmerized by the farce here, others are free to make mischief elsewhere to scant attention.

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Moderate Democrats keep drinkng the koolaide. For the life of me I will never understand how they turn an eye to the ivolvement of the DNC and MSM during the primaries but believe Russia was involved. These people deserve Trump.

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