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If light sabers were real what constituent aparatus would cause the signature noise?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) February 14th, 2017 from iPhone

I guess it is the noise of the energy in the beam cooking off. Do lasers that are powerful really make a noise like that? Why would laser blasters sound like a shreek?

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Real lasers don’t have anything limiting the beam; it travels through space until it hits an object. Whatever mechanism that keeps a light saber as a fixed length must be making the scream sound.

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Perhaps it’s stuff that’s in the air burning up as it hits the “blade.”
Humidity, dust, airborne debris…

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It could be the sound was added to make the battles more interesting for sight impaired people.

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See this video starting about at the 6:15 mark
Youtube – Plasma ball overload

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Shouldn’t light sabers sound more like a bug zapper?

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@Call_Me_Jay has got it. Plasma. Air is heated quickly, expands and sends out pressure waves. That’s how thunder works as well.

I can’t tell you why the sabers are straight, only go to a certain length or why they don’t make them longer or, why they don’t fire projectiles. Given the choice between a combatant with a 20th century pistol and one with a light saber I’d bet my money on the pistol holder.

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Vibrators when the charge is getting low?

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@LuckyGuy . I think the “force” is paired with the technology. If I recall, only the Jedi knights can construct one. Perhaps their “powers” allow them, in part, to harness,and control the energy.

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I like LG’s plasma explanation. There would be ionization of atmospheric gasses. The noise increases as you swing the thing around. I wonder if there is a pronounced smell of ozone?

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@LuckyGuy ‘s explanation is probably a little more plausible than my own that the constituent apparatus causing the signature noise (or “hum” as we call it in scientific circles) was the pursed lips and vibratory palate of the Jedi.

So, I concede without duel.

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@stanleybmanly I suspect the device would be banned for exceeding EPA’s stringent ozone regulations in enclosed spaces.

They sure would be handy for slicing up meat at an outdoor barbeque.

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It’s the sound of phlogiston transmogrifying the luminiferous aether as it is consumed by the blade projector. (DUH!!)

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Lightning makes noise as it super heats the air it passes through. The light saber does the same thing.

The thing would be banned because it’s just too easy to cut off one of your own appendages with the dang thing.

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