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Which Olympic sports need to go, and why?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) August 7th, 2008

With the Summer Olympics approaching (tomorrow), it makes sense to ponder which sports are so stupid and/or annoying as to require future elimination.

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All of them except curling. Curling is awesome.

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Badminton. Really?

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I think that farting should be an olympic sport. It would definitely be interesting.

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Synchronized swimming. Curling. Badminton. Trampoline gymnastics.

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I like the Olympics for the chance to see sports I don’t get to see otherwise. For that reason I think stuff like basketball and baseball should go. It is the less common sports that are most interesting to me, like bicycling and archery and rhythmic gymnastics (how in the world do they keep that ball from dropping?!).

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I like them all!

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Huh… I actually can’t think of anything on the current program that I think should go…

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We need baseball back. I really don’t understand why it was voted out.

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No synchronized swimming? That is probably the most difficult event in the Olympics. But I agree, it’s not a sport.

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I’m glad baseball is gone. It is as much a “world sport” as cricket, which isn’t in the Olympics. I know this is going to be unpopular, but I think all the sports that rely on subjective judging should go (gymnastics, diving, synch swimming, etc.). As much as they are fun to watch, the ultimate winner isn’t always clear (as everyone who has followed the problems in ice skating knows).

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Speed-walking. Dressage. If Rhythmic Gymnastics is still on the ticket, off with its head too.

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I’m happy that we are so well rounded to have a plethora of sports. Some of them may be boring but, they may not be boring to the athletes that perform them. @Knotmyday I agree that speedwalking may not seem very interesting, but i’m sure that there are subtle things in there that make it exciting for the competetors. Same goes for Dressage. I personally ride so i’m kinda biased but you have to think about Dressage, those huge and slight movements your are seeing the horse do, those are executed with nothing more that a slight wrist twist and leg touch.

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