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Why does my dog like ice so much?

Asked by SergeantQueen (9695points) February 15th, 2017

My dog is about 1 year and 6–7 months old. He is a labrador retriever mixed with a pit bull. Whenever I go and get ice, he comes up to me and sits by me wanting a piece of ice. At first, I thought it was because of him teething (we got him when he was a puppy) but now he’s older and I don’t think he’s teething anymore.
I don’t think anything is wrong with him liking ice, I am just curious as to why.
I’ve never had a dog like ice so much.

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Does he have access to enough clean water? Sometimes even people will crave ice or foods that are high in water like iceberg lettuce if they’re dehydrated.

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Lots of dogs looove ice cubes. It’s great because it’s an essentially free treat.

I’m dog sitting this week, I don’t remember if this guy likes ice cubes or not. Let me test…

Nope. He’s indifferent. Too bad.

Ha ha! Dogs learned to use the ice dispenser! GIF

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Yes. He always has a clean fresh bowl when I am home. Not sure about when I am gone because it’s always empty when I get home.

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If he’s drinking all the water that’s available to him when you’re away, I would consider putting out a second bowl.

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My mother is home while I am away. I can see about putting out a second bowl but mainly when I am not home it’s her job to put water in if it’s empty. Thank you for answering, I honestly wouldn’t have thought it’s because he isn’t getting enough water. I will be checking more often and reminding mom too.

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I think it’s just a fun game for him. He likes the attention. My little grandkids LOVE ice, because for as long as they can remember I have always shown up with a 32 oz cup of juice or pop with small ice cubes in it. I mean, if the 18 month old is crying, all I have to do is show him a piece of ice and he cheers right up and comes over to me! He sits and eats ice. It’s just a bit of harmless behavior conditioning, IMO. I mean, you have a toilet, right?

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I’m thorry but perhapth the dawg hath a thaw paw…

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I used to have a cat who would come running when he heard the ice machine. He didn’t eat it. He would bat it around, and chase it.

The dog might like it because it’s cruchy. Dogs have idiosyncrasies too. Who knows.

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Bub used to love ice cubes. Russell can’t be bothered. They’re like people – they have their own personalities.

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