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Some Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that humans were created by ancient aliens. Do these aliens have the right to kill you humans?

Asked by ragingloli (41622points) February 15th, 2017

Aliens created/manufactured humans as a slave race to mine gold for them.
Since you were artificially made by aliens, are you therefore their property, and do they therefore have the right to end you whenever they please?

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Not anymore than we have the right to kill any A.I. we create. If they have the desire and ability I don’t think that rights will matter.

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I think they already have been. I think their are aliens living among us today, who appear to be human, but are actually carrying out orders from their own civilizations.

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Been watching Prometheus gave we?

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Nope. This is why you need to be careful what you create.

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Of course. And being superior beings they will acknowledge your magnificence, grant you personal dominion over the planet’s return to paradise and rename the world LOLILAND.

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We are offspring of the original created aliens and have our own civilization and society now. The Anukiah (sp ?) recognize that.

But we ARE a slave race. In some ways we already DO work for them. But we have not been taken home yet, to where our true toil is.

To get into what peoples and populations are fit for what purpose I will not say. But there is quite a bit of genetic programming as well.

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No more than human parents have the right to kill their own offspring.

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Yes, but only in season.

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If that theory had any truth to it, then they would have every right to do with humans as they wished.

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^Funny to hear that opinion expressed by someone who believes that abortion should be outlawed in every imaginable circumstance.

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@MrGrimm888 Surely you must have predicted that most jellies would answer that they would take in refugees. And surely you knew that the question would be a lightning rod.
First, if I KNOW how some will act or respond here because that IS the fruit they ripened on their tree for years, until that fruit shows, if I say that is the fruit you will see, I am “holier than thou”, or being condescending. If I give people the benefit of doubt and enough rope to hang themselves with it then I say “look at that fruit”, I should have known better. The only way to win is to be one of the diseased fruit, then I would never know the difference.

Second, this place should be more than a pseudo shrink or couples counselor. I know some might not want to stimulate their mind to think beyond ”Does she, why don’t he” questions, but if we are as grown as we say we are, we should want question content that is above the equivalence of Saturday morning cartoons.

I wish you put this energy into writing Trump.
According to some, he is just a figurehead, a token; he doesn’t truly run the nation. Besides that, God King Xerxes is not POTUS, so what can be gained in bellyaching when the time to pull together and see what we can fix is at hand. If the fence is down, fighting over design or what material to repair it with doesn’t keep the horses in the pasture, if you want to keep the horses in the pasture, you repair the damn fence not sit on the lumber and sulk because you can’t get your way.

@LostInParadise When you change the original question about refugees to an unrelated, yes unrelated, argument about abortion, you have effectively conceded the argument.
The only reference I made to pro-life was how pro-choice people try to justify their actions by actions pro-life people seemed not to take or desire to, and expansion of that subject always comes by other people injecting it into the narrative.

Your gave an invalid argument against those who support providing sanctuary for refugees.
I would not have been the first, and if so, I learned it from those pro-choisers who framed a dubious argument to support a selfish act because of the acts of pro-lifers; but so long as people pat you on the back you can believe you are right. <tick tick>

@cinnamonk Funny to hear that opinion expressed by someone who believes that abortion should be outlawed in every imaginable circumstance.
Oy vey, I do NOT believe there is no exceptions to abortion, if the mother will die from the pregnancy logic says you save one and not let both perish, if she is still alive she and her husband have more chances at children. Second, did you not read the question? It said <em>”created/manufactured humans as a slave race”</em> with no greater definition on “created” I have to assume created or bred from some way other than their own DNA like we do sheep and cattle, we would not even be seen as equal in lifeform as them, thus to them we are no more than chattel, do we give equal billing to chattel here? Exactly…..

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Maybe they can figure out who to kill so that the population of the planet will remain under 500 million. (My idea was to kill all of the religious fruit cakes.)

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Whether they have right to or not is irrelevant. If they wanted to kill us, they would do it.

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Do the Georgia guidestones specify if that included all of the Nazis that live inside the hollow Earth or not?

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Do we taste like chicken?

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Would I accept that ancient aliens have the right to kill me? I don’t think so. If they persisted I would simply point out that I have no idea how you mine for gold and that they must have the wrong planet.

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^ If they persisted I would simply point out that I have no idea how you mine for gold and that they must have the wrong planet.
Do you think you would even know or comprehend what they are doing with you any more than a cadaver or drug sniffing dog has any concept of how humans utilize them? I hardly think the dog knows or cares why we want it to sniff out dead flesh, all it knows is that if it does it correctly it gets smooth words, a pat on the head and a treat. Since people already crave gold, even to the point of killing each other to get it, all they have to do is leak the info on where it is at, allow humans to dig it up, and when enough has been dug up, wipe out the humans and pirated the gold.

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@Rarebear Not all, some taste like fish…

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A lot of you taste like wet ash.

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@ragingloli GAH! How horrid! It sounds as though you are quite knowledgeable on the subject. So, what kind of sauce do you find preferable, if any?

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Maybe he/she/it combo above with eat humans with some fava beans and a nice chianti. ~~

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@Hypocrisy_Central I know what the aliens are up to as this question has spilled the beans. I would direct them to Venus which is so hot it has several rivers of molten gold. With any luck they would never come back.

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It’s not about right, those aliens won’t even accept our definition of right. If they have the power they can do it, regardless of whether or not we think they have the right.

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The dark star that orbits our own sun erratically was at its furthest point in the 1880s or 1890s and will not be around again (between Mars and Jupiter—the closest it gets) until the 3600’s.

Originally our solar system was two separate solar systems

There was life and civilizations from former epics of time on Venus, Earth, Mars, and Phaeton. Venus and Phaeton (now the asteroid belt) were originally part of the other solar system. Most life that we can relate to came from Venus or Phaeton. Mars was an outpost of Phaeton from which the ‘sons of God’ (non-procreated) cohabited with Earth’s women (“daughters of men”—that is, procreated as we are).

The truth is not very politically correct. But at the end of the day, if the older races still existed (and they don’t), we’d all be lunch.

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I wondered about this when I was younger, that ancient astronauts could have created humanity through genetic engineering with their own DNA and ours.
I don’t think they have the right to kill us but they may have a different idea on the subject.

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Not once we’ve achieved sentience.

Though if they’ve been observing us lately, I can’t say I’d blame them from scrapping us and starting over.

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@raum So…they’d become gods, if they’re not already?

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