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How to draw even eyebrows?

Asked by Sneki95 (6957points) February 15th, 2017

The right one is so-so, but the left one just won’t cooperate.

Any advice is valuable.

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I like the saying that goes something like : eyebrows are siblings, not twins. They won’t look exactly alike because natural brows are rarely identical. If you haven’t already done this, growing them out and then getting a good pro shaping can be a good place to start if you’re really having a hard time. Otherwise, there are options like stencils and whatnot, but I am kind of old school and prefer a more natural looking brow to an Instagram perfect powerbrow that is 90% fabricated. Personal preference, so if that’s your thing, stencils might be the way to go.

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Even, schmeven. Our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, and neither are our eyebrows. Instead of trying to copy the first, just draw each so it looks good by itself.

Or what @Anef said.

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Until you’re good at freehanding it, use a stencil. Work with a pro to find the right stencil for your face and browbone.

Brow styles are such an interesting cultural phenomenon. Friends of mine are in Egypt right now and the brows they have been given look freakish to me. Big, black and very hard-edged. Friends in Bratislava have tiny, skinny very high brows. Also kind of weird-looking to me. For a while I was following the Iranian style and when I went out coloured my brows a fairly intense purple. Now I’m going fairly natural with the whole thing – just trimming out a few outliers on occasion and using a brow brush with a tiny bit of colour so people can see I have eyebrows.

An online friend had eyebrows tattoed on a few years back. I cautiously noted that the style might change (before she went through with it). She explained that she’d thought about it and that what she’d picked would never go out of style. Wronnnnnnnng. The brows look dated and she can’t really fix it now. She’s going to have 2012 brows forever.

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Watch some You Tube videos. You can find some very informational videos that give you step by step instructions.

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Thankfully I have hair where my eyebrows are meant to be so I don’t need to draw them on. I have seen stencil kits though.

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I have actual eyebrows. They’re just thin and I want to draw them bolder. I can’ t draw them even, though. I end up looking like a lunatic.
Thanks for advices.

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