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English and French speakers, what does the English word "ti" mean?

Asked by flo (11354points) February 15th, 2017

It’s in this French to English Dictionary as a translation of a French word.
I don’t know what the French word is a translation of.

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Do ray mi fa so la ti do. Ti is a music term.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yes I saw that in Google search, but I wasn’t looking for anything to do with musicFrench word I was trying to find out the meaning of.

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A French/English dictionary doesn’t have both the French and English words?

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Along with being a musical syllable, it also is the name of a palm tree, the ti palm. “Any of several species of Asiatic and Polynesian trees and shrubs.” (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed.), or the symbol for titanium. Otherwise, there is no such word in english.

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What is the french word that it translates from? If you look that up in another dictionary, you might get a clue. It is not a word I know apart from the examples others have given here

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Make sure the word “ti” or “Tie”?

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What is the word in French that is being translated?

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@Call_Me_Jay It does, I went to the English side but there is no ti there.
@kritiper the French word for Titanium is Titane and I wasn’t looking for that for the symbol of it .
@Stinley and @BellaB If I had that that in my head or the piece of paper I wrote id down on….

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@flo I was only repeating what the dictionary said. (Merriam-Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.) So please don’t shoot the messenger!

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@kritiper I was giving follow up info. Thanks for the answer including the palm tree part

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By the way what does this mean?
“Appliquez un peu de dentifrice sur un bouton. Le produit va absorber l’huile et assécher le bouton, le réduisant en une seule nuit ! Peau sensible s’abstenir.”

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Have you tried putting it in google translate? I get the gist in that if you use toothpaste to reduce your spots then it will work overnight. Don’t do it if you have sensitive skin.

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I put in Goggle translate with Firefox and I saw this: It looked like it is giving me wthe translation of each word, which it is not.
After I posted my last post I used Explorer I got this
This is just one of the reasons I don’t discard Explorer. Why wouldn’t Firefox have it in paragraph form like Explorer?

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