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What would "mudslide" be in French to people with no access to a dictionary?

Asked by chefl (662points) 1 month ago

What would people who don’t speak enough French translate it to, if they can’t find a dictionary or a computer, or someone they can ask? What would some of their best guess be?

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Wondering why you would think that the French language doesn’t have a word for mudslide?

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A glissement de terrain.

@chefl What English word do you call it when the snow slides down mountain? No fair using a French word.

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surf de terre

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Coup de terre

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@zenvelo If they can say “it’s Glissement de terrain” why would they need to look it up or ask a french speaker? And snow sliding a mountain is avalanche but to someone who can’t look it up, or to ask a French speaker, maybe Glissement de neige

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@chefl Avalanche is a French word. What English word do you use for snow sliding down a mountaiside?

You asked a question and I answered it. Why are you questioning it?

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