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Good renovations for a townhome?

Asked by popo7676 (587points) August 8th, 2008

I live in a townhouse in the bay area and was wondering what are some good ideas for increasing the property value on it. I can’t do anything to the exterior of the house though. I have already added a new patio and replaced the light fixtures and building some cabinets for the garage for storage. I’m thinking of replacing the trimming.

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New bathroom. Seriously. Make the bathroom plush and it will help. we just went through the same thing.

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Bathrooms and kitchens add the most value. Tile floors, granite countertops, updated appliances, spa-like bathrooms…...all of these are currently popular.

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I was going to say the same thing. The two areas that pop most with realtors and buyers are bathrooms and kitchens. Other areas can pretty much be updated with paint and furniture. Marble is fairly well out. Natural stone tile is pretty timeless. Look for tiles that have roughed edges to improve the look.

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Are the ceilings scraped? That is huge, if there is “cottage cheese” on the ceilings, get rid of it.

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I would say, Granite counter-tops. Put in an expensive faucet in the kitchen too. People really notice that. If you’re doing an entire kitchen remodel, put in a pot filler faucet behind the stove.
I also agree with scraping any acoustic off the ceilings. Wide baseboards and window casings also make a place look “richer,”
Anything you can do to give the bathroom a “spa” feel is also good for re-sale. We had a house where we actually sacrificed a bedroom and jackhammered up the floor to put in a big spa tub, but my husband is a contractor so it cost us a lot less than it would cost most people.

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