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Do typewriter ribbons freeze?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22417points) February 16th, 2017

I bought a typewriter ribbon today on eBay for an old Smith Corona. The ink on the ribbon is some sort of liquid (although almost dry, of course).

It the postman puts it in the mailbox and the temp is below freezing, will the ink on the ribbon freeze? Will there be blotches when it thaws?

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The ink is evenly spread throughout the ribbon so freezing it shouldn’t make it go patchy. But it could certainly freeze. I imagine that the striking of the typewriter key might generate some heat and unfreeze any ink, so the overall functionality will probably not be affected.

Welcome to the 1950s though!

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@Stinley – I keep a typewriter just in case something awful happens and we lose all electricity and the internet.

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