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Why am I getting magazines I haven't subscribed to?

Asked by janbb (57186points) February 21st, 2017

Two days ago, I got a Sports Illustrated – the swimsuit edition, no less – in the mail addressed to my current name. Today, I got “Elle” magazine addressed to my old name. I have never subscribed to either. Is this just a come on to make you interested in subscribing or some kind of scam? In other words, should I be worried about being hit with a bill?

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I’m not sure but I suspect this type of thing will become common. Magazine subscriptions are plummeting and they need the ad revenue more than your subscription fee. If they can claim x number of subscribers they get the $. That’s my guess anyway. If someone signed you up for a dpiff on a sale then you could get hit with a bill. I’d call to see what is going on.

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Keep an eye on your credit card bills.

Also go the magazine’s subscription services page and look up your account.

As @ARE_you_kidding_me says, they often look to give away magazines to boost circulation numbers.

I had this happen to me, and it was harmless. I ordered something online and they subscribed me to a magazine (I don’t recall the retailer or magazine). It was free for six months then they started sending my renewal notices which I ignored.

But my mother managed to sign up for 5 magazines and get a $300 bill which she would have paid if I didn’t see it first. $50 or $60 would be the normal price for all those subscriptions.

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@janbb For several months running I received the “More” magazine. Early on seems they tried to get me to subscribe and/or tell me my subscription was running out. I enjoyed some of the articles. Seems like more appropriate to younger women. It stopped on its own.

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Yes – I have enough things to take care of. Unless the subs become a flood, I think I’ll see how it pans out and watch my credit card bill as @Call_Me_Jay suggests.

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My mother gave me a subscription to a ladies’ magazine many years ago for my daughters to look at when they came by. I have never paid a penny for them, and my mother states she only paid for the first year. Yet, they still come 7 years later. I even moved, yet they come.

It is true they often send out magazines without a paid subscription for their advertisers.

The magazines go immediately to my neighbor Joyce. I do not know what she does with them.

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If you haven’t subscribed you shouldn’t be charged. Keep an eye on credit card bills though as suggested by someone. Till then enjoy it..)

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I’d call the subscription service and ask if it was paid for.

I know sometimes when I’m supposed to sell Girl Scout stuff, one of the things being magazine subscriptions, I’d send them to my mom and I’d pay for them.

Now magazine subscriptions are so cheap, sometimes $5 per year. Maybe someone sent them to you as a gift.

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@jca No one I know would send me Sports Illustrated and Elle.

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@janbb: OK. Just throwing out ideas.

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It might be a complementary magazine I guess.

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