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How would you describe Sally's (Charlie Brown's sister) hairdo?

Asked by Kardamom (31250points) February 23rd, 2017

Nothing earth shattering here, I’ve always just wondered about it.

She’s supposed to be a little girl from the late 1950’s (although the animated specials were created in the 1960’s). Her hair kind of looks like it was blow dried into points and then hairsprayed, and it has a curlicue of hair on the front of her head, instead of bangs. I don’t think I recall ever seeing a kid with a hairdo like that.

I even looked up the child actors who voiced Sally, and figured maybe her hairdo was modeled after one of them. It doesn’t appear to be the case, but maybe I’m wrong. This is six year old Kathy Steinberg, the first girl to give a voice to Sally.

So here is a picture of Sally from a Front View

Here is Sally from a Side View

This is Sally from a Top View

There’s even an Underneath View Sally’s hairdo.

I was just interested to see if there were any women or girls, during that time, that had a similar hairdo, because I’ve never seen one like it. It’s always been a curiosity to me.

Did any of you Jellies ever have a haircut like Sally’s? Extra points if you can provide some photos.

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I think it’s a sort of a flip with mall bangs

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@chyna Ha ha ha. The mall bangs are perfect. I just can’t picture that look from the eighties, or the flip on Jane being on a little kid from the 1950’s.

I even looked through my brother’s and my school pictures, with the whole class, looking for that hairdo and I couldn’t find anything similar.

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I remember that style. I’ll have to ask a friend if there was a name for it. Lots of girls did that flip with super-curly bangs. The bangs were usually really short – some wore them straight. In the 90’s they were called baby bangs. I had an ugly flirtation with them.

apparently one version of it was called the Lucy Flip

ahhhhh the little bangs were called Angel Bangs

googling angel bangs + 1950 gives results like this

which looks a fair bit like Sally’s do

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@BellaB Hmmm. The last link seems to be the only one that seems close to Sally’s hairdo.

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They are all pretty much the same style , with variations.

short curly bang
short bang
short bang with flip
short curled bang
short curled bang (maybe a cowlick?) with minor flip

I was trying to show you how it developed… the very short bang , curled with a flip

Very common hairstyle in the late 1950’s into the early 1960’s.

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OMG @BellaB I had those same bangs in picture 2 when I was a kid. My dad would lean me over the trashcan and hack my bangs off. Ugh!

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@chyna , the popular (?) thing in our neighbourhood was for the parent to put a piece of scotch tape across your forehead and cut above it. If you have a cowlick like mine, it meant your bangs didn’t reach your forehead when your hair dried. Such style <rolls eyes>

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I just googled “Fun with Dick and Jane” books and the hair style of Jane reminds me of Sally.

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I just realised, which character has the same hairstyle

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