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What will they achieve by killing innocent people(Details Inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) February 23rd, 2017

Another hate crime occurred in Kansas City where one indian was killed and another two people are critical.What will be achieved by such acts? I’m not sure why retired military personnel are involved more in such acts.

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Unfortunately, nothing. These people died because they were different and, according to some, different is badly. Sad.

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They do not expect to achieve anything. They are simply acting out their own intolerance.

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I haven’t heard of this incident.

Is this it?

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Sad to hear

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Everyone loses. The guy that was shot was a highly regarded software engineer. His shooting was the result of an unholy mix of racism, alcohol and guns and it achieves nothing.

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Difference makes us hate each other they think if you are black or brown they are more superior to us.

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‘Witnesses say Purinton told the men to “get out of my country” before he shot them, the paper reported.’

He thinks he is Make America Great Again.

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They aren’t trying to “achieve” anything.

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This is what happens….....

The wife of Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was shot dead in an apparent hate crime by a Navy veteran at a bar in Olathe city, has said that she had her doubts about staying in the United States but was assured by her husband that ‘good things happen in America’.

Speaking at a news conference organised by GPS-maker Garmin where Srinivas worked, Sunayana Dumala said reports of bias in the US make minorities afraid as she questioned ‘do we belong here’.

She said she now wonders what will the US government do to stop hate crimes against minorities.

Dumala said she was concerned about shootings incidents in America and had doubted whether they should stay in the country, but her husband said that assured her saying that ‘good things happen in America’.

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And not a single peep from so-called president Drumpf.

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@ragingloli Please show him the respect he is due- he has ordered us to call him popular-vote loser!

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Wow.. That’s incredible..No reaction from President at all?

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Nope. Just like he stopped talking about that Canadian terrorist attack, after it turned out that the sole culprit was one of his fans.

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