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Should your employer give you a paid sex break? How's that for a fringe benefit?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29890points) February 24th, 2017

Article in today’s NY Times article

Sweden: an enlightened place to live and work,

Can you imagine the hue and cry in the US if this were ever suggested?

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I know my productivity would increase…

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Sure would make those boring meetings go faster!

As a manager, I would ask, “how does Sven document his break time is appropriate?”

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A full hour!
With an estimated commute of 55 minutes, would give a man a full 5 minutes to do his deed.
More than enough.

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@zenvelo home videos? “Sven, we understand you have been squandering your sex time on napping. Is that correct?”
@gorillapaws my productivity would go to hell. I am worthless for at least an hour afterward; wanting to lie around cuddling and basking in the afterglow. My wife however would certainly benefit! Orgasms put her into hyperdrive mode.

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It isn’t about sex. It is about lifting the local birth rate. They need local, loyal workers. Little baby drones to work in their sad little town. It is way the hell north and there is nothing there. It is on the Finish border further north than where I live with a population of less than 2000 people. Local politicians trying keep a local tax base.

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Maybe Shirley could go live there?

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LOLL! ^^^

OK, but what if you didn’t want to have sex? Can you go do something else for an hour?

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^^ Not an option..They’ll have to do it..) I don’t know how the authorities will verify if the workers did what they were supposed to in the break..)

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It’s because in the darkest realms of Northern Sweden people struggle with a lot of depression from the cold and dark days. It’s also an incentive to boost the population as Sweden is not producing many new citizens. Why the hell not, sounds good to me. Boost morale and maybe boost the population, though we really don’t need any more people regardless of a countries geographic locale.

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It’s just really frustrating when the break room is out of creamer.

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It’s also frustrating if it takes you 30 minutes to get home.

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@flutherother Maybe they install Porta-Fuckies all over town?

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It’s the logical next step.

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I would really be against this. I’m not of child bearing age and I would have to cover for any co worker taking time off to fuck to make babies, then, when they did get pregnant and all the sick leave and then the maternity leave… I mean, give me a BREAK! Why should I have to work harder for no extra pay when all she is doing is fucking and being a baby factory? ~~

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@cazzie They’d have to find an equal alternative for the single or older people without sex partners. Maybe an hour and half massage. I’ll take the massage over sex these days for sure. haha

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Fringe benefits, for bangs on the job…“can I have a demi wave please Beryl”

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Fringed benefit? On a paid break? THAT would be very interesting since I have no wife or girlfriend! Who would she be????????

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Is it a assumed every one has someone with whom they can have sex with?

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