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What is your weekend "routine?"?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) September 27th, 2008

If not a routine, what do you usually do?

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wow good question, I always think about doing something, but don’t do anything.

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I used to go to steak n shake every friday night with a friend, but the summer mixed everything up and now it just depends which friends are free and how much money I have. I usually make half-assed plans with a friend but just end up staying home, it’s pretty lame.

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My weekends vary, but there are some constants. I like a meal out with my SO. It is often, but not always, breakfast on the weekend. If we don’t go out, we usually have a more elaborate breakfast than on weekdays. Liesurely.

My weekend includes some interaction wih the newspaper. I have time to read more than I do weekdays. If I am not home in central Florida, I always read the sports section (I just happen to hate the one in this paper.) I like to do the puzzles—word games.

We always do long runs with the dogs off-leash. Now, that we have our greyhound, we usually go to a special park with no other dogs in the enclosure so he can run free and chase the ball. (The ball is just the excuse—he grabs it and then just runs on his own.)

We often take drives or day trips.

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Get up and go to work. Just like I do the other 5 days of the week.

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well right now I get up take a shower get something to eat then watch football until I go to sleep and get up on sunday take a shower again get something to eat and then watch football again until I go to sleep lol what a life right? lol

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By the end of the week I am so exhausted that I am out by 8 Friday night. Saturday morning errands and laundry, Then there will be 4–5 hours of catching up on grading over about 8 hours (broken up with Fluther breaks).

Today I spent the morning at a speech contest so that means my laundry has to wait until tomorrow and this weekend I have to gather some information for a report to be completed by the 15th. Every other weekend the cleaning lady visits and groceries are delivered. I am sure everyune is asking “How can she stand all that excitement?” The answer is it makes me feel ALIVE!!! (snore)

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for the first time in the past couple months i’ve developed a fairly regular weekend routine:

saturday ~ sleep in a little (the only day i get to do this), farmer’s market, work at home, go out

sunday ~ clean house (if not on sat), have friends over for brunch, do more work

on one of the two days i also do laundry (sometimes bi-weekly) and sometimes run errands, although it’s good to avoid places like the grocery store since it’s so much less crowded on the odd weekday

i’d love to get it so one day is work-at-home and the other is a completely no-work day. i had a friend who takes one day per week truly “OFF” and i love that idea. unfortunately, i don’t want to give up either the farmer’s market or my regular sunday brunch, so… it’s still a good and relaxing half-half weekend schedule!

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Friday evening (after school and anything I might do after that) is spent doing a load or two of laundry. Saturday morning I get up early enough to make coffee, have a quick breakfast & get to the grocery store before the herds. Typically, I’m home by 10AM. Breakfast part deux, more coffee, more laundry, some computer time or housework or homework. Dinner whenever I feel like making it. Very rarely we’ll go to a movie.

Sunday I make a bigger breakfast – pancakes, waffles, something like that. Finish off any housework or homework. Read, maybe a nap, maybe hit the treadmill.

Like GG – I’m not sure how I stand the thrills and chills of my own life!

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Saturdays I usually work. Sunday mornings are for trips to Costco, taking animals to the vet, etc. Then I vaccuum and do some house cleaning and laundry. In the evenings I do a particularly thorough job of watering the flowers in front of the house.

During baseball season, I frequently watch a Dodger game. Or catch up on some reading or computer work. Maybe take the dog for an especially long walk.

My typical Sunday lunch is a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes.

I guess this doesn’t sound very exciting, but I welcome the break from work, and I truly relish sitting around the house on a day off.

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Saturday is inebriation/random visiting day.

Sunday is clean and prepare for the coming week day.

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Watch TV on a Friday night.
Work on a Saturday (either morning or afternoon), then perhaps go to a friend’s house or something like that.
Work on a Sunday (morning or afternoon), then do homework. The end… :(

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either going to work, running errands, going to church and thats about it. i really dont enjoy weekends like most do. i dont get to see football games or peruse the sunday paper all the lazy morning with brunch or enjoy apple-picking at a farm in michigan.

when i get back to work on monday, it is as if the weekend never existed.

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get up at 6 am, when woken by ready to play, dog pack. pee. let them out. feed them. feed cats. feed fish. crack open diet pepsi…fall into chiar and rest.
Then do the 110 things I didn’t have time to do during the week.

Sunday: ditto.

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Friday night: Go to my boyfriend’s, swear we’re going to sleep at my house, hang out and eat and drink, fall asleep at his place.
Saturday: Get up around 7 and spend the next two hours convincing everyone else to get up and get ready for the farmer’s market. Go to the farmer’s market. Come back. Hang out and sometimes cooks, but usually go to the bakery for lunch. Hang out and play rock band/nap/read/fluther. Eat dinner. Play rock band or watch a movie.
Sunday: Get up and make breakfast—actually pretty much the entire morning. Then we usually have some sort of cooking project for the afternoon evening. Actually return to my house.

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Fri night: dancing and music making with my wife.
Sat morn: Farmers Market, then take son to Aikido lesson and piano lesson. Return home, turn over car to wife who goes to do the irregular shopping (clothes, shoes, etc).
Sat night: sometimes we go out for the meal.
Sun morning: get up and do an extended set of ablutions (like trimming the beard, etc). (funny thing, when my mind was looking for the word “ablutions” for a long time it could only think of “libation.” sigh. I hate my meds.)
Then I go do regular food shopping. Then watch the Eagles, unless there’s something else I have to do. Maybe go to the park with one or two kids. Or arrange a playdate. Sunday eve: hmmm. Read? TV? Fluther? Well, we know who will win that fight! Silly jellyfish!

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When it is begun friday I visite friends of my often.I woke up at saturday morning and I have a program on afternoon.That is training of kapoeira with friend from slovakia in the brazilian spirit.At the same day I have a game of chess or some beers..that is roughtly like.

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Friday: If any energy left, have a few drinks and crash.
Saturday: whatever comes up
Sunday: hobby day. Go out to take pictures, knit, sew, paint…

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This friday after work I went to the bank
went to the grocery store
made a beef and broccli w/ mushrooms over rice
fri. eve i popped in dvd i’ve been meaning to watch for the past week.

Sat- made a breakfast burrito for breakfast
took the dogs to the local lake
and feed the ducks.
paid bills

Sun- went to a Waterpark w/ (5)co-workers
had sushi
prob. gonna watch another dvd
hopefully my Netflicks are in the mailbox

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every weekend it’s different, but most of the weekend hours are spent downtown with my boy, by the water, in the moonlight, and/or with my sister and nephew. shopping, doing chores, chilling.

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These days? I sleep ridiculous amounts, eat ridiculous amounts, think about getting things done but never do, watch good movies, sit on the computer.
When I had a social life? Barely sleep, barely eat, go out to the bars, get ridiculously drunk, wake up early, spend the day with my friends, and repeat.

I don’t get things done that I should get done either way, haha but ideally I’d like a mix of both.

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I like to start the day with sex, weave it into the day as it progresses, and then end with sex. Got a great partner too. She loves it as well.

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