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What would you do if someone posted something on FB that was extremely offensive, that involved killing an animal?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 4th, 2017

This guy that I went to high school with is also a FB friend. I have only seen him once since high school but from his FB photos and tales, he is very blue collar, hunting, drinking, tough guy, etc. A few years ago he posted about health problems, divorce, his family issues. Now he just changed jobs and completed a training to be a surgical assistant in a hospital.

Today he posted a video of a Have-a-Heart trap set and a young cat was going in it, eating the food. The trap sprung shut and trapped the cat. He then posted another video of the trap outside his door and he had a shotgun. His comments were like “no pussies on my property” and “I’m going to take care of this bitch.” People were commenting. I asked “You killed the cat?” He responded “painless.” I believe the cat didn’t suffer, other than the panic of being trapped in the cage, but it’s still sickening. I don’t know why he felt a stray cat could not be on his property.

He then posted a photo of the dead cat with it’s head in a pool of blood. Some other women posted angry emoji symbols and “SMH.”

What would you do if someone you know did something like that?

I feel like not only is it sickening, but his bragging attitude is disgusting.

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I would just unfriend them. You’re not going to change his thinking, he’s not particularly important to you; just cut him loose.

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Report and move on. Probably unfriending too, like said above.

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Share the post on Twitter and let the Twitter Universe destroy his sorry ass.

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1. Report him to Facebook for inappropriate post.

2. Call the sheriff or police where he lives to report animal cruelty.

3. Report it on Reddit, more effective than twitter but a similar outcome.

4. Defriend him.

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You may as well post that on 4chan too.

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I’d report him to the local authorities in his area. You have proof that he maliciously killed an animal and I would assume that cruelty laws might apply. The mere fact he felt the need to viciously post this act of cruelty and graphic photos is worrisome. People like this POS need to be shot themselves.

This could have been someones pet as well, how the hell does he know it was not?
He could just as easily taken the cat in the trap to a shelter but he choose to, deliberately, execute it and post the execution on social media. Sickening and unfriending him goes without saying.

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Report the post and unfriend him.

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I would contact animal control and report him. If he doesn’t want cats on his property, especially considering that he was able to trap it, he has multiple humane options for getting rid of it, It’s not like dropping it off at the shelter is a hardship.

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Unfriend him.

I would like to say that being very blue collar (is the very necessary) doesn’t mean a person is a bad guy or stupid.

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I’d report it to everyone I could think of that might do something about it. If I could figure out where he lived, I’d probably share it with various locals, official and otherwise. If someone thinks that’s something to do and post on social media, I’d think it’d do for all his community members to know about it.

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@Dixon Agreed, good point. Plenty of white collar assholes out there as well.Says she who been involved in a major debate about someones, supposedly, unforgivable “sexist” remark in another thread. haha

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Report him to FB, to the RSCPA (or similar where you are) and remove him from your life. I’d also capture the post so you have proof of it’s existence and I’d contact the police. Surely cruelty to animals is a crime where you are – even if it’s a crime that carries a pathetic sentence (as is the case where I live).

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its not it’s. Drat.

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Just report him. The internet will take care of the test.

Did he set the audience to “friends” or “public”? Either way, his posts will be leaked out one way or another, and the news will have a hell of a great time, not to mention a possible great hunt for the leaked Facebook gore. It’s just that the “friends” setting will likely to reduce the chance of them happening.

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I would not ever want to receive medical care from this disgusting piece of shit.

What would I do? Save screenshots, report the post, “unfriend,” and then bring it to the attention of his hospital administrators.

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@Coloma Yeah, I’m just a little confused by the “very blue collar” comment. I didn’t know there were varying degrees of blue-collarness. Am I to assume that if one is very blue collar that means they are drunks and like to hurt animals?

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@Dixon I think it is totally classist, yet, like a lot of things, still a fairly mainstream mindset. Yep, all blue collar construction workers drink beer and go to strip clubs every day after work e and all white collar guys go to Sushi bars and have a glass of wine. Of course, we all know that’s true. Yeah, “very blue collar” is that like very black or very white. haha

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My mentioning him as “blue collar” with the extra descriptions (hunting, drinking, tough guy, etc.) was just to give you all an idea of what he is like. Nothing else was meant by my comment.

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This person has absolutely no business delivering health care to anybody. Please, save the facebook post and report him, if not to the police, to the hospital that employs him. Preferably both.

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I also think that reporting him to his employer is a good idea.

If I had the time, I’d try to start a petition to get him fired and contact the Animal Liberation Front, just to bring whatever extra hell I could to the life he so richly doesn’t deserve.

Given his murderous pride, he could become or already is a serial killer.

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@jca I know that, duh! ;-P It was just good fodder considering some of the recent themes around here.

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@Coloma: I know you know :) It was more for @Dixon.

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I guess I feel that specific descriptor was judgemental and not needed. This is coming from a person that doesn’t know if you are judgemental or not. The details came across that way. I get that you didn’t mean it now. :)

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Do others suggest I post what he did online on Reddit or whatever as suggested above?

What concerns me about reporting to his employer is him possibly trying to get revenge. Is there a way to make a copy of the video where someone wouldn’t know where it came from? Or should I not take that step?

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I’m thinking maybe tell ASPCA. Or, the police. If you talk to them they might give you an idea of what can be done. I’d try to stay anonymous. He’s scary.

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I agree with @JLeslie . I wouldn’t out him publicly but maybe report it to the police or animal cruelty in his town. Personally, I would not go to his employer.

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You can post on 4chan anonimously. People there are capable enough to track where he’s from and report him. They’ll deal with his case, but no one will know you posted it. Just write something like “Can someone locate where he’s from and report it?”

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What I did (so far) was pm two FB friends who are into animal rescue and stuff like that. One of them reported it to the ASPCA in the city where the guy lives, and she reported it to the police in that city, also.

I see his posts are public so anybody can view them. I don’t know why people have their posts public but that’s another question for another time.

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@jca That sounds like good moves.

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I agree it is important to not let this lunatic know who reported him. Clearly he is a violent and unstable type and while shooting the cat may be subjective, in terms of a method to ‘dispatch” an animal, the fact he posted graphic pictures with glorifying narratives tells me this guy is, potentially, very dangerous.

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I wouldn’t do anything

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