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Is it ok to freeze paneer?

Asked by AshlynM (10552points) March 19th, 2017

They say not to freeze it but I got it from the frozen section of the Indian grocery store. I’m assuming it’s ok to freeze. I put it in my freezer as soon as I got home.

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Yes, It is 100% okay to freeze it. It won’t affect anything
Edit: I just read that it’s frowned upon because freezing can possibly alter texture and taste, but it’s still ok to freeze.

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I think the culinary adage, “it’s ok to freeze cheese” applies. The adage is something I heard on TV back in the 70’s. It was a reply from a food consultant to the perhaps commonly held belief that frozen cheese became soggy after it thawed.

Although I’ve never frozen paneer, I’ve frozen various other cheeses with zero loss of quality.

Here’s something I just Googled:

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I put it in the fridge for two days to defrost and I was really surprised it didn’t melt the slightest. It was still quite firm.

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I just read that one of paneer’s notable qualities is that it doesn’t melt.

I’m guessing you’re going to make it with spinach and that you’re not going to make paneer burgers or grilled paneer sandwiches. ;-)

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It would appear so.. i didn’t know what it was so i had a google :)

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Well, I boiled it first for five minutes then put it in some store bought Indian butter sauce. The paneer made squeaky noises when I chewed on it, is that supposed to happen?

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Some paneer squeaks.

Freezing it may be ok but probably isn’t ideal. Most foods are affected some by freezing, and some foods particularly suffer when frozen twice.

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I cut the paneer into bite size cubes and freeze it. To make it taste soft and fresh again, boil water, turn off the flame, then let your paneer cubes soak in the water for a minute or so, then strain.

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@williamsxpdnc77 I didn’t turn off the flame, maybe that was my problem. I’ll try it next time, thank you.

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I hate to play devils advocate (I’m lying really, let’s be honest I love it) but why not just make fresh paneer when you want it? It only takes 30 minutes or so an it’s pretty easy.

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