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If FBI director Comey told the truth at the hearing today, it puts him at odds with the Administration. Do you remember Watergate and the last time this sort of thing happened?

Asked by elbanditoroso (23613points) March 20th, 2017

Does Saturday Night Massacre ring a bell?

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I remember it like it was yesterday.

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I remember, but lying in a tweet is not yet an impeachable offense. When blatant and consistent pig headed stupidity becomes recognizable as a threat to the national interest, proposals will begin appearing on ways for us to get out of this.

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@stanleybmanly – that’s not what I am thinking. My prediction is that as Comey and the FBI get closer to finding indictable evidence on Trump and his crew, Trump will try to pressure Sessions to fire Comey and obstruct the FBI and other investigating agencies.

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@elbanditoroso The Saturday Night Massacre was because Nixon wanted to have the special prosecutor fired, not the FBI head.

If Trump/Sessions fires Comey, Congress will demand a special prosecutor independent of White House interference. Interfering with the FBI could be construed by Congress as an impeachable offense.

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@zenvelo – in a normal congress, I would agree. With the hyperpartisan crowd we have now, I’m not so sure. I’d like to think so.

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But it’s kinda CREEP-y if you ask me

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There’s enough there somewhere to impeach Trump at any time, there just have to be enough people to support it initially. No one is willing to go out on their own, and I think that’s a good thing overall. It can’t be a partisan issue.

I’m not trying to be the conspiracy guy here, I think it’s just a trait of how he sees things; the rules are for others, and there are usually ways around them. It’s a key part of who he is and how he prefers to run things rather than a last resort.

If things stop moving, or control of congress changes, or he turns his insults against the people supporting him now, I think it’s just a matter of process and how much damage everyone wants to sustain at that point.

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The administration seems to be “at odds,” with almost everyone.

I thought Comey answered most questions as best he could. His only direct “opposition” to Trump, was when he was asked about the tweets. Even then, he said that there was no evidence to support Trump. He was later asked about Trump’s comments to Chancellor Merkel, in their public address, about her being wire taped as well, and Trump’s claims that Britain was involved. Answers he gave were bailout,hypothetical types, but he basically opined that Trump’s behavior was, at best, not helpful.

He was later questioned about possible Russian motivation, in regards to the hacking of the DNC. Again, he only replied in general, or hypothetical terms.

The questioning was mainly different people asking the same questions, in slightly different ways. Comey withheld comment ,or sidestepped almost all questions regarding Trump ,or anyone specifically.

I’m sure Trump would have preferred Comey’s answers to conform with the administration’s preposterous rhetoric, and actions. Comey never threw Trump under the bus, nor did he provide any current effort to go after Flynn.

Comey kept the waters muddy. That was his only card to play. His reasons for most non-comments were mostly relevant to his job. Many will think it obstructionist, but there were never going to a lot of “answers” in a public forum.

The hearing seemed to lay a groundwork for much tougher questions down the road. Some seemed to be laying a framework for impeachment proceedings…

Trump’s rhetoric implies that you are either with him (and America,)or against him (and against America.) So, he probably will be upset with Comey. But he should be pleased with Comey’s performance, given the circumstances Trump dumped on him.

I imagine that such hearings will be status quo moving forward, as Trump’s destroy the world tour continues. Many top Washington people will have to put out Trump’s fires, in the coming months, and maybe years. This was just the beginning.

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Some were “laying a framework for impeachment hearings” the day after he was elected and a couple of months before he took office.

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^Yes. Because Trump is considered a lunatic, and he has done nothing but prove his detractors right…

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@Yellowdog laying a framework for impeachment hearings

Unfortunately this is apparently business as usual in this era of divisive obstructionism.

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