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How can I find a faux fur silver fox jacket that zips?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) October 20th, 2006
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Please tell me the answer
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Have you tried a google search?
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For 6 hours....
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My guess would be to contact your local thrift stores... seems like a vintage item.
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Also ebay might be worth checking...
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Already tried ebay. Found some at google, but i need MORE! It's not searching good enough!
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maybe it's time for a company to overthrow google
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What exactly are you looking for?
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First you got to walmart and get a stuffed fax silver fox…then you make a jacket out of it.

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Never seen a faux fur fox before. Maybe they’re extinct?

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You can not make a proper Bloody Mary without both of them! Wait a minute….isn’t this the salt & pepper question? What do you mean it’s fake fox furs? Not in my fucking Bloody Mary, buddy. Now, who in the hell archived the first question? It has got to be that Andrew….everyone knows he never wanted me here. Come on…..I’m wtf! Fine, I’ll go raise hell on another question. Hey, where’s that one about a marriage proposal? I’ve heard that is a pretty fair one… better not be archived…!?!

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I don’t honestly know. Sorry.

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Go hunting?

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