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Can you stop watching TV for a week or so?

Asked by imrainmaker (8018points) March 31st, 2017

As asked.

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I just went for two weeks without tv during March. I had to see the Bones finale though.
It didn’t feel like it was over. It was more like a season finale, with lots of lead in for what’s to come.
When I was in the navy, I didn’t often watch tv. When I got out, it was more than a year before I even bought one.

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I have. Just not when Game of Thrones is on.

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I haven’t watched tv in at least ten years. Computer or telephone would fit better for me, and it would be yes. I’ve already been through that.

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I haven’t watched TV in 16 years but gotta have my internet. haha

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It’s been about 20 years for me, maybe more. I do, however, tune in for presidential debates, and before last year I used to watch the Olympics.

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Yep, but don’t touch my internet!

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Easy peasy. Haven’t had a TV since 2002. Best thing I ever did was give it away.

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So it’s internet which has taken place of tv..)

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I did a few years ago when we went caravanning. I didn’t miss the TV at all but later I noticed odd gaps in my knowledge of current events.

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I haven’t been watching for years, close to a decade, I think. I can’t stand how all the national channels try to present you with crappy contents and compliment them with endless commercials. I like my freedom to watch what I like any time I want and internet is the only thing I need for this purpose.

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Yes, I often go days without watching TV. About the only thing I watch now are baseball and the Warriors basketball games. The only football game I watched all the way through this past season was the SuperBowl.

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Not a problem, haven’t had TV for years, get all I need and want from the internet.

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I have a TV and DVD player and watch selective movies and also have Netflix but prime time TV is a mind killer. Just likes our phones, TV is like our phones, we control them, not the other way around. Mindless TV viewing is just that, Mindless.

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If you watch TV shows online, doesn’t that count as “watching TV”? I thought it was about the content, not the device.

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@Jeruba Agreed. It is about content. Watching a movie online is not the same as watching actual TV programming. Selective viewing is where its at. Watching say PBS online would not be on the same continuum as watching Bored Housewives. haha
I do watch vintage 60’s TV shows like “Bonanza” online.

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Yeah,. Saying you don’t watch TV on a actual TV but watch the same programing on your phone/computer doesn’t count.

I have gone months but I prefer not to.

I use plex and torrents a lot.

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As on 02.04.2017 I haven’t watched TV for 362 days….

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I don’t watch TV. I do watch some movies, series, and docs using Netflix. I get the broadcast channels but never watch them other than for sports. I never see commercials. I go weeks or months without watching anything though.

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I do it all the time. I house sit for a friend fairly often and he doesn’t have a TV.

I do have my laptop computer and sometimes watch Netflix movies when I’m there, but I usually just start a new book. I love to read and get a lot of reading in when I’m house sitting. The cat likes it too, because she like to sit on my lap when I read. Or when I eat toast with butter on it.

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Yes, I rarely watch TV

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