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The US is sending a strike force (a bunch of Navy ships including an aircraft carrier) towards North Korea. How about if we start a lottery to guess the date Trump decides to launch cruise missiles at Pyongyang?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28473points) April 9th, 2017

Fresh off his public relations coup = launching missiles at an airfield in Syria (which did absolutely no damage), now Trump is sending strike force of Navy ships up to North Korea.

Since the Syria strike helped Trump look ‘presidential’, it seems likely that some military action against N Korea will make him look even more ‘presidential’.

So how about a lottery / guessing game? What date do you think Trump will tell the Navy to launch missiles ?

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I’ll guess Tuesday, April 11, to celebrate the day of the week he got more electoral votes than Clinton.

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Depends when Facebook tells him to do it.

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The weak, old orange tiger has gotten his first taste of easy, human blood…

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Feels kind of morbid. I dislike the direction as much as anyone, but take Trump out of the situation and a lottery of when the US will attack another country (and presumably kill people) feels off.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think he’ll launch cruise missiles. It’s a bigger commitment than Syria if the US decides to pursue any offense at all. There hasn’t been nearly enough posturing yet. My guess would be the only thing that pulls us into actual military action this year would be an attack on the DMZ or Japan. Everything else is just bluster, preparation, or deterrent depending on how you see it.

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It’s a secret.

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We send ships up there all the time. This is media hype.

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^^ Good ol’ yellow journalism? Got us into trouble once before.

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Just remember that Wednesday in North Korea is Tuesday in Washington DC (that will just confuse things). Someone will argue ad infinitum; what day he dropped the bomb.

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The ships are not there about NK.
Soviet ships were sent to keep an eye on our ships which fired on Syria. So we have ships patrolling closer to their origin, to have a heads up on deployment, and to protect us from potential launch at US soil.

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Redacted. Fingers crossed.

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Cruise missiles ain’t gonna cut it this time. Too much at stake. Something much more decisive will be required.

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