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Have you ever felt the need to flee a Starbucks?

Asked by Kardamom (33332points) April 12th, 2017

So today I went to Starbucks. It was a bit warm and I wanted to try this new coconut machiatto drink they had. I also wanted to use their wifi so I could fiddle with some pictures that I needed to upload onto Flickr, and I was reading a book.

I go to this particular Starbucks every so often and they’ve always had either ethereal chill out music or cool jazz, something soothing, playing on their music system. Well today, I thought I might have accidentally veered into a rave. They were playing loud, thumping techno music. All I could think was that I felt under-dressed without my giant pacifier lollipop and I ultimately had to flee.

Have you ever felt the need to flee your Starbucks.

I get that some of you do not like Starbucks, no need for you folks to answer, this is mostly for the people who do enjoy visiting Starbucks, thank you in advance.

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No, but I ran out of my shift In a store from the pluming and freezer’s whining, and adds being irritating. When I was night manager alone in Mac’s/Winks convenience store I set the music to heavy opera full tilt so loud that the windows shook. It was awesome. It was a good perk. When I’m In the rare times In a Starbucks I just get my steamed milk and I leave. I don’t fit in in most cafes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Steamed Milk and Opera. I think that will be the name of my new band : )

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I have never been in a Starbucks. I think I will buy the latest release from the new band, ‘Steamed Milk and Opera’ because that sounds like something I’d like.

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Yes, just a month or two ago, I went to a Starbucks where there was annoying bad pop music that made me and my companion want to flee as soon as possible.

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I like to go to the Starbucks in the local B&N to do some reading. I always make sure to order something, because I think it would be unethical not to. I stay in the cafeteria area. I try to situate myself so that I can hear people talking in order to cancel out the music, but it has to be such that I can’t make out what anyone is saying. This works for awhile, but eventually the noise gets to be too much.

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They have so many stores and such I good marketing team I figure nothing is random in their store. Every poster, every table, and yes even the music is there for a reason. They have cameras covering every square mm of the room and can easily do marketing studies to compare how long people sit, turnover, sales, etc.
Go back another day to see how their experiment worked out. The music might be completely different.

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Not for that reason, but if I see too many douchebags on laptops I start to head for the door… ;)

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@LuckyGuy That’s the thing. This particular Starbucks usually has very nice music. I like to read or surf the net there.

@LostInParadise I always buy something too. I figure I’m paying for their wifi. : )

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I am not very observant. We have two local starbucks, one inside Target and the other inside Barnes and Nobel. I find both of them to be refreshing, and I don’t remember hearing any music.
I enjoy relaxing there after I walk the mile from my house, and do my shopping, before the mile back home.

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When I use the wifi at a restaurant or coffee shop I check the speed with . If it is above 3Mbps I will toss in an extra dollar at the register on top of my tip. If it is above 15Mbps I will toss in $2 and mention the good connection to the cashier.

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So I went to my second favorite Starbucks today, mostly because it was closer to the errands I had to do. Luckily they played pleasant music. Also, the young woman at the cashier called me “love” with a big smile, like the British use that word. It was so cute.

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