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Do people really like the Olympics or do they just watch it because it will always come on?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) August 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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I really do enjoy the Olympics. and don’t you mean “it’s a rare event” as opposed to “it will always come on” ? or am i missing something?

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Too general. Some people love the Olympics, some tolerate them, some never watch, and some tune in and out, depending on which herd they are following.

I like some of the events very much but since the 1980’s one in Lake Placid, where I had a home, I don’t stay glued to the TV. This year a young friend is rowing in the women’s two boat for Canada so I have a special interest in that event.

The hypocritical behavior of the Chinese government is, as always, troubling. Apparently, it has asked (or insisted) that all the folks who might be considered “riff-raff” by the foreign press and visitors, “disappear” themselves until the Olympics are over.

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Only reason I’m watching this year is because I love my Sony Bravia and don’t watch any movies or TV without it being HD.

I do like the competition too though.

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Well it’s not like the olympics will ever end. I mean, it’s not always on but it will always come on. Would anyone really be heartbroken (besides the athletes) if it all of a sudden ended. I hate the Olympics, by the way.

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I don’t really care, or watch them, unless someone does something really cool. Then I’m just interested in how many medals the US and Jamaica gets.

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I think I would rather the superbowl “ended all of a sudden” than the Olympics. I don’t get why you hate the Olympics btw.

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Speculation on why nayeight hates the Olympics: Possibly not a sports fan? Or possibly someone who doesn’t appreciate not being able to watch anything on NBC for three weeks (or however long it is)?

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macbean is correct. I also hate when people get so excited about the olympics. I hate that it is planned like 7 years in advance. I don’t hate all sports most of the time.

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