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What do people live for?

Asked by stephenzhai (7points) July 24th, 2007

Why do we live? Are there any purposes? Ary there any meaning?

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Ah... the eternal question. Let me know if anyone has a definitive answer.

In my eyes though, it's to feel. So many emotions and experiences to make you feel different ways. It blows me away and makes me happy even when I'm at my most sad. There are so many wonderful things that happen. Endless places to explore. It's all about learning.

Of course, the answer to this question would also depend on your religious views (whether you have any or not).

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For each other. For asking cool questions like "why?" . . . For learning. . . For caring. . . . For contributing to the community in which we live. . . . For teaching. . . For loving. . . . For . . . For awhile . . . statistically, I last read for about 85.4 years. :-)

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It beats the alternative?

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You live for yourself first, and then for others. Read Rollo May and other existentialism Authors for answers. If ever I have doubts I read read read and find my answers. Somerset Maugham is another gem leaning toward finding meaning in people and relationships.

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I always think that if you live a life that changes other peoples lives for the better, that could be a good purpose. In that way we can all help each other!

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For a long time, I lived for tomorrow (or way passt)
The pendulum has swung and now I’m living for yesterday (or the day before)
With hope, I’ll get to where I’m living for today, and all will be good.

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to avoid pain and death

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