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Is there any software by which a person can talk to himself in chat conversation style GUI?

Asked by anonxd (114points) April 30th, 2017

I have observed that a lot of problems get solved this way

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Yes. It’s called a mirror.

Or just talk to yourself, or get a doll to talk with. Works the same.

I don’t guarantee you will solve your problems, though.

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ELIZA will see you now.

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Heh, interesting. Although it’s quite formulaic and repetitive.
But it’s funny.

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The basic routine is quite old now and very simple. All it does is take what you say and turn it into a question, although in blind trials, where the subject didn’t know if they were talking to a therapist or the computer most people found talking to the computer more beneficial than their psychiatrist.

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I am not sure what you would want the program to do. I have had some success in opening a Word document to have a conversation with myself. I would write down possible solutions to a problem and then write down possible difficulties and then write down possible workarounds and on and on.

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ELIZA is a non AI bot. Starts looking super fake after a few messages.

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@anonxd It was a prototype, or a first program of that sort, not sure. Some bugs are a given. There are many more similar softwares too, I’m sure many of them are more advanced then ELIZA.

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