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What's your sunday dinner today?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) August 10th, 2008

i start looking at the food channel and get all these great ideas. as early as 7 in the morning i sort out the cabinets and make my way to the market for something fantastic on the table by 5 p.m. does anybody else love food prep this much? what will it be? pork tenderloin? beer-can chicken? grilled mussels?

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Since im going to the All Points West music festival, probably lots of beer and weed. Maybe some burgers or something.

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We’re doing comfort food tonight because it’s finally gotten cooler here. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, asparagus, cottage cheese.

On the menu for the week: calzones, broiled pork loin and tilapia. We’ll have a refrigerator party on Thursday of the assorted leftovers.

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Pork loin roast, pan-roasted spicy herbed potatoes, broccoli, corn, garlic cheese biscuits.

For the week coming up – tacos, shredded beef enchiladas, roast chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed bell peppers, meat loaf.

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Here in Blighty we’re having steak and kidney pudding – mmmmmm! Preparation began last night, though you could say even earlier than that as the veg we’re eating with it is home-grown. The pastry for the pudding will be homemade too of course. homemade food is sooo satisfying! Can’t wait!

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No cooking tonight, I could have had leftover enchiladas from last night but I had some for lunch so I just toasted a couple of english muffins and had a cup of tea.

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The same Sunday dinner I’ve had my whole life… Some variation of macaroni and meatballs.

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I am roasting a rabbit German style. Garlic mashed and a 3 lettuce salad. I can’t wait!

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Gazpacho; mostly from the garden; some melted swiss cheese on whole wheat toast. Organic berries. And several beautiful small yellow tomatoes eaten off the bush – warm from the sun and full of juice.

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Mmmmm… you guys are making me hungry! I had a creamy chocolate slim fast. Boooooo!

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I am cooking for my 84-year-old Mom so that means scaling back on spices. We are having broiled pork chops with fresh wax beans and green beans (mixed) from my sister’s garden and sliced tomatoes. I will probably give her some of the organic wheat bread with butter from Great Harvest too.

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i cheated today and had KFC with mashed potatoes and banked beans.

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Sushi! Not cooking it! My favorite meal! With a seaweed/cucumber salad!

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My son is with his dad tonight, so I might cheat and take myself out for some ice cream (Cold Stone Cake Batter with…something).

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