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What are some good ways to 'advertise' a site that's about to be launched?

Asked by yannick (985points) August 10th, 2008

A friend requested that I ask the fluther about this one. I’m looking in particular for some suggestions on how to advertise a site he is hoping to launch in 1 or 2 months. It is basically a serialised novel he has written which he will be distributing for free online over a period of about 20 weeks. He was hoping you guys might have some awesome suggestions (like you always do) on some good ways to make the site ‘be known’.

P.S. I know there are a couple of similar questions already up but I thought I would ask again and hopefully get some more suggestions (I’ve already looked into some of the ones mentioned on older questions).

P.P.S. If I get some helpful answers I promise I’ll make him join fluther =P

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Depending on the launching options…...B2B, local regional or international….
Is it high or low profile?......Several advertising options will serve his best interests.
1. News feeds i.e. – MySpace
2. e-mail
3. Affiliate programs
4. Blog advertising
5. Advertisement placement through any major search engine…Google – AdSense,
Adword…....Yahoo, MSN etc.
6. Word of mouth….

Fundamentally, what determines the success of any venture, business or organization is a winning concept and expertise.
It appears he has both.

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Great answer, mee ouch. That is everything I was going to say, and more.

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Very kind of you to say Eambos! I truly appreciate your gesture.

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How about emailing all his friends, and asking them to email all their friends, and so on and so on…

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Outside links are very important. They are one of the metrics Google uses to rank pages. So, h needs to get people on other sites or on blogs to link to his site.

He can create profiles on social networking sites, and then link back to his site. (For example, LinkedIn allows you to list your Web sites). MySpace, Facebook, etc.

He should issue a press release.Best, a paid release, but there are some free releases. If he has a blog, he should link to his site. If not, he should start a blog.

He can find relevant blogs (about writing, etc.) and post comments with links to his novel.

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You can get a press release on Google which might help out. If you do make sure you

Optimize your press release with – keyword in title, keywords in the text. Submit it so that it gets syndicated by Google News and others.

Hopefully that helps!

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radio spots, hire chalk artists, place customized magnets on cars at large sporting events, bookstore apperances,

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