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Is Putin covering for his buddy?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5518points) May 17th, 2017

I just saw an item on Yahoo News, that Putin is offering a transcript of Trumps talk with his ambassador, that “proves” Trump passed on no intelligence items. Can (Ras)Putin be trusted?

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First thing came to mind is “how did Putin get recordings from the Oval Office?”

Of course, Putin could be throwing Trump under the bus! The Russkies are mad that the WH can’t keep things under wraps.

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Putin is trolling the US.

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How likely do you think it is that the supreme wielder of power in Russia, who would like nothing better than to see chaos in the U.S. and a decline in its global influence, would risk anything at all for a malleable buffoon like Trump?

Nothing Putin does is going to have the purpose of helping us, unless incidentally. And helping Trump is arguably not helping us.

But the longer this charade lasts, the better for Putin.

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Putin will probably say, *You owe me one—glupyy (stupid) !”

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I’m thinking successful, productive, diplomatic alliance.
Quit being babies.

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Learn to speak Russian for your next “Commander in Chief” from Moscow.~ ~ ~

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@zenvelo just guessing but since the Russian media were allowed in I would surmise they did audio recordings along with the video/photo.

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They aren’t buddies, they’re enemies. Trump just hasn’t figured that out.

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@Pachy What, what are you saying? You think that Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist are not buddies either?

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If you really think that Vladimir Putin wants an alliance with the United States then I’ve got some lovely oceanfront property in Uzbekistan to sell you cheaply.

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After the Russians were handed the implausible gift of a lifetime with Trump’s nomination, there should be no question as to whether or not they were going to exploit the opportunity. In view of the effort and expense required to grease the chute to Trump’s installation, the Russians would be damned fools to pass up the chance. In fact, they would be the laughing stock and butt of jokes in intelligence agencies world wide had they ignored the “windfall” The question should never have been whether or not the Russians meddled in the election, because It amounts to asking “are the Russians stupid enough to pass up a chance at severely crippling the United States at virtually no expense to themselves?” THAT question pretty much answers itself, because the Russians would have to be REALLY stupid not to interfere. So the only question worthy of consideration is the extent of collusion with the Russians on the part of Trump and his followers in planting his oily ass in the oval office.

It doesn’t matter what your politics are on this. In view of subsequent events, I defy anyone here to counter the fact that whatever exertions the Russians put toward Trump’s Presidency, when it comes to screwing up this country, they have achieved a phenomenal return on their investment!

But here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Russian pimpin, the malodorous and expanding conflict of interest cesspool, the blatant breeches of intelligence protocols, etc. Sooner than they probably suppose, the Republicans are going to be forced to seize on one of the ample (and legitimate) excuses required in answering the question in everyone’s head “how the fk do we get out of this?”

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Strange days when the president requires Russian help to show he acted correctly. Putin is highly amused by this whole situation and I don’t blame him.

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