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Acceptable/Unacceptable Questions?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) August 10th, 2008

Prompted by a response I read in one of the questions, I’m curious to know if there are any topics people actually avoid on this site. Are there certain things people here usually just don’t talk about? If so, why?

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edit never mind, that didn’t really answer the question.

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Avoid any disagreement with anyone ever under any circumstance, or open your self to censorship by the moderators. They can insult you and slander you, but don’t stand up for yourself and most of all, don’t defend any argument or question.
Be a good little puppy and ask lots of questions about you kitty and where and how to scratch it and what to do next.

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Allen, Allen, Allen…why are you so negative? sigh

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People don’t ask questions that can be easily Googled, or of the likes. Some people do, and when they do so, are frowned upon. Other than that, all typed of questions are acceptable.

And ignore allengreen, he’s just being negative.

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Maybe some people found that helpful.. I will re-post it.

What is a chocolate chip cookie? = bad question
Do you like chocolate chip cookies? = tolerable question
How do you keep chocolate chip cookies from sticking to the cookie sheet when baking them? = good question

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Seriously, take a look around, see what types of questions get a lot of responses, and which are ignored. You’ll see there are plenty of examples where people have vehemently disagreed with each other, but always remained polite about it.

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@JP: Are you just looking for some extra lurve? ;)

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Haha, johnpowell…

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But what is a chocolate chip cookie, do you like them, and how do you keep them from sticking to the pan?

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@astroChuck; Haha…you and johnpowell make me laugh. =)

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No. After I posted I re-read the question and I realized I didn’t really answer it. So I deleted it. Then I noticed I had 3 great answers while is was deleting it. But it was to late to re-edit. So I posted what I originally wrote again.

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I’ve been to a few different Q&A sites through the years. The best, sadly, always ended up shutting down. It’s good to know that here, even when people disagree with each other about something, they remain polite – for the most part, I imagine. I belong to another site at the moment that is dying a terribly slow death. There were a lot of people there that asked and answered genuinely interesting questions, but it got so heated along the way that the only things posted were flame-wars after a while. Because of that, all the well-grounded users left the site and the flame-throwers stayed. The site remains, but I’m not sure for how much longer. The majority of users, along with myself, all belonged to older Q&A sites (KnowPost, WHquestion) so they got to know each other very well, but the decent people have all lost their homes.

This seems like a pretty cool site so far, so hopefully I can make this my new Q&A home. :)

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We’re not digg. We’ll listen to anything here as long as it doesn’t inflict with the guidelines.

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Lately I’m finding there’s too many questions about life on fluther. I think any genuine question should be welcomed. Questions with an agenda, formulated to instigate arguments or just for shock-value are a waste of time.

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I have had two questions removed that I can remember. Both questions were making an already heated discussion worse. I disagreed with the decision to moderate those questions (and still do), but I can see why the moderators did it.

I think you will find that no topic is off-limits, but the way in which you ask your question makes a big difference. For instance, @lefteh was able to open a dialogue about race without pissing anyone off (that I know of). And we’ve had lots of questions about sex that never digressed into anything too raunchy.

So, pretty much anything is fair game as long as you’re careful in how you ask it.

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Chuck Norris

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Leave the witch-hunts to the colonials and steer clear of anything that’s ‘screaming’ for a hard-line debate. One in which the asker’s involvement goes from bad to worse, regardless of the level of information. They will be the ones who will find a weakness and prey upon it. Ditch those forums as quickly as possible and don’t invite spew from their minions either.

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@meouch—NO WITCH HUNTING! I am offended!


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I’m caught….and I only just arrived…..Please go easy on me…..whimper, sigh

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