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Look who we have for the 30k mansion today?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17609points) May 24th, 2017

Let’s congratulate Lightlyseared for his reaching 30k!

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I don’t know about lightly seared, I think LightlySeared has set us on fire with his contributions here. Thanks for being a great member of our community.

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Congrats @lightlyseared on your achievement!!!

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That is SOOPER !

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30Kongratulations @Lightlyseared or should I say ‘well done’!

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Good Job, my dude.

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What a sizzler! Well done @Lightlyseared

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Always a voice of reason and knowledge when you show up.

Mazel Tov LightlySeared!

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@janbb. Many thanks. (Although I’m not sure about either the reasonableness or knowledge thing :) )

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LOL. Well done, Lightly Seared.

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Congratulations on your 30K! Here’s to 40K coming your way!

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Congrats to you, @Lightlyseared! We’ll all have the entire Memorial Day weekend to celebrate!

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I always am happy when @lightlyseared shows up for a thread. I know he will add something interesting to the discussion. Congratulations!!

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Almost missed a party…....slightly scalded, scorched or charred, light up the barbeques and get those steaks asizzling…....congrats to a sharp spark.

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Well done @lightlyseared!! An amazing feat for a seasoned pro such as yourself. And in all this time, I’ve never once had a beef with you or felt grilled by your questions. In fact, it’s rare that I don’t enjoy your answers.

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I think this party is heating up… good thing I brought a second propane tank for the barbeque!

I’m afraid that today my brain’s a little fried and all my puns are half-baked… So I’ll just say, you’re a darn fine jelly. I always appreciate your contributions, and, to parrot the penguin, how much reason and knowledge you bring to the table!

Congratulations on the 30k. Much lurve!

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Congo rats, LS! You rock!

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Today is national wine day.
I say this calls for a celebration by the case! What timing, @Lightlyseared.

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30K is Fluther royalty. Hail to King Lightyseared!

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Lightly Seared? I would say “Well Done”!

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^^^ I wish I could upvote this answer multiple times!

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All Hail King Julian Lightly Seared!

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@rojo good one. I said it but didn’t mean such a great pun!

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Hey @Lightlyseared Just the way I like it!!! Congrats on the 30k!!!
I’m glad you’re here!

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I missed this somehow. Congrats @Lightlyseared. 30K is no small feat.

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