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"Who do you think was the most admirable of the American Founding Fathers and why?"?

Asked by tabbycat (1803points) August 10th, 2008
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Check out this thread.

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Ben & Andrew

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Is this a homework assignment?

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Chuck Norris

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Abraham Lincoln because he did so much for this country.

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Um…Abraham Lincoln was definitely not a founding father.

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Betsy Ross would be my favprite founding mother because she did the American flag and we still use it today.

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Okay then…..~

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George Mason. Read up on him and you’ll see why, Often overlooked.

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LOL @ Chuck Norris, but I’ll cast my vote as a tie – for Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. I can’t do the “why” part justice. I think the HBO special captured the “why” well, and if you watched it you would probably understand. Despite their differences, they shared a love and passion for our country at its inception. A shame we don’t have leaders like these two anymore.

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