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How do I get Limewire to work on my Windows XP desktop computer?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 10th, 2008

I downloaded it now it won’t let me download any music but on my laptop when I have Internet on it I can download music on it does have Windows Vista on it though

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You shouldn’t use limewire in the first place!

Use torrents if you have to do something illegal.

I strongly do not encourage piracy.

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huh? your description is kind of confusing. Can you perhaps explain it in non-run on sentences? you always need internet to download stuff through that software.

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redsgirl4eva PMed me more details, i am pasting it here so others can see and help her if they know what the problem is: “On my Windows Vista Laptop when I can use Limewire. But, on my Windows XP desktop it won’t let me I was wondering, what can I do to fix it so I can download music?”

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if you have a valid .edu address use ruckus., its drm but if you look hard enough you can figure out how to get around that :)

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