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Should the AV'ers integrate or leave?

Asked by iwamoto (5271points) August 10th, 2008

recently i’ve seen some users from askville pop up on fluther, that’s nice and all, but the fact that i know they’re from av is not so nice, why? because this is fluther, not askville’s backup server, i know this might be a tad hostile, but i want to nip this in the butt before it gets out of control, i want to get things cleared. i don’t want the community to…group into flutherers and av’ers,

what do you think?

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What? Are we not integrating appropriately? I thought we were fitting in quite well and becoming flutherites. Maybe not. I guess we’ll hear about it here, won’t we?

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Remarkably like the Cuban Boat Lift, some will integrate (over time), while the “criminal” and crazy elements won’t…

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exactly shilolo, i mean, users like you, mcbean, have done a good job, to be honest, i didn’t know you came from AV, but this question is more about the..bad apples, sort to sa

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I think it will probably sort itself out, over the next week or so.

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I agree with augustlan. This is their first week here. Some people are polite, nice and all about learning the site and it’s culture and answering/asking Qs. Others are just interested in a temporary refuge until AV unbans people. I believe iwamoto’s Q is referring to the latter.

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exactly PnL, well, maybe i jumped the gun too soon, i’m just a bit worried, that’s all

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Fluther now has rules regarding what other sites users can visit/use?

And as for “integrating”; isn’t the whole point of Fluther that everyone brings their own uniqueness? Highlighting an “us-and-them” situation like this doesn’t seem to encourage that.

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@wf, “it’s not what you think” i mean the integrating as in, letting go of the AV, embracing fluther, like mcbean does (haha, my great example)

and for the rules thingy, sure, we all visit different sites, but you’ll never see me posting “hey, lurve, we didn’t have that on gitaarnet

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Hi, an Askviller, here. Now, I hope I’m a fluther, too!

I think, just like everything else in life, that is new to people, it takes time to adjust. Sure, it is always better if a person participates in the community, as a whole. I’ve been answering questions, reading old ones, seeing what is hanging out there, so I don’t ask a bunch of questions that have been asked, too many times, before. I don’t want to be the newbie that doesn’t try to learn, before I just jump in and go.

Please don’t judge us before we get started! We don’t bite, well, at least I don’t! :)

I like it here, most people have been pretty nice and welcoming and I really appreciate it!

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butt bud

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I’ve never used AV so I won’t recognize the behaviors anyway…...

I do find it a bit ridiculous that people are identifying themselves as movers, etc. but really, what other sites people use has no impact on me: Despite the crazy amount of Q’s about Facebook and such on here, I still don’t use it.

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In my searching, I’ve seen a lot of questions about Facebook, comparision questions about Askville and Yahoo Answer. I answered one question like that, but really have no interest in answering anymore like it.

I think fluther offers a lot of things and I like the laid back format.

I can’t speak for all the Askvillers, about whether they are staying or going. Just me. If you see me doing something that I shouldn’t do, please, point me in the right direction.

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I can totally understand your feelings. It does seem like we all just barged in and took over, but I can say for myself and my fellow refugees that was not our intention. We are in your home , now, and I am in agreement with cak – if I misstep, I would appreciate someone setting me straight. I am feeling my way here, and am trying to become a fluther, not just an AV reject.

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Hi, my limehead friend! Good to see you!!

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right now i feel kind of ashamed for posting the question, i feel a bit like an ass for acting like that, i really just jumped the gun, and yeah eureka, i did feel a bit like that, but well, now i feel a bit more confident that this will have a happy end and a welcome addition to the fluther flock


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Iwamoto – no need to feel bad. I can relate – its like opening your front door to get the paper and having 100 people push their way into your house!

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@iwamoto, don’t be ashamed. We felt we had an invasion, at one point, too. It made us uncomfortable, it disturbed our peaceful home! It’s ok!! You are human.

I’m glad you did! It’s nice to meet other people from fluther.

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One thing I might add, as a way of explaining – for some of the people coming over, AV was the first social site they had ever been on. RE: comparing features to AV is just a way of trying to relate the different features (I think) to each other.

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Is there somewhere you can find a list of who’s an AV/Flutherer, who’s a “pure” Flutherer and so on? Is there a history of who invaded whom?

….more importantly; does it matter? This is fluther, use whatever other sites you want as long as it’s understood this is a separate site, not a supporting one to any other.

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I move to ban the term “ASK VILLE” or “AV” from this site, i swear to god if i have to see it mentioned one more time im going to kill something.

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I second uber’s suggestion – so I’m not the only one thinking it’s utterly ridiculous: W00t!!

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haha, kill something? don’t you have postal 2 installed ?

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I will judge the person, not their origins.

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uberbatman and wildflower – no problem. I am not one to stay where I am unwanted. You have a nice site here – enjoy it!

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@eureka you misunderstood. I have no problem with you being here at all. Just stfu about AV. This isnt AV its Fluther.

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@uberbatman…of course it’s Fluther. We know that. We’re not trying to create our own AV away from AV. We’re just new, that’s all. Our comparisons (from what I’ve seen) are all very much in favor of Fluther. It’s as though we just stopped being regulars at Joe’s Coffee Bar and wandered next door to Jean-Luc’s Ubercafe (to use your own superlative). We can’t help but hail each other and gawk about the differences. “Wow! Did you see the croissants on his plate?” “Hey! They never gave us filtered honey at Joe’s!” It’s that kind of thing. We’re not bad people. We’re not trying to take over your site. We would like to belong, if that’s okay with you and the other flutherites who’d prefer to murder us for talking about “Joe’s”. :-)

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Uberbatman and Iwamoto, all you have to do is scroll on by. I’m getting to the know the ropes here, I’m answering and asking new questions… we all acclimate at different rates….

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@Eureka and anyone else that feels unwelcomed:
As I’ve pointed out in a private comment and in the question I posted; I do not want to suggest any limitation or selection of users, I like to see new users on here – I just find it a tad frustrating that so many of the recent threads are entirely focused on AskVille. As I’m sure has been the case for any non-iPhone owners around any iPhone releases…

I hope you guys stay and make Fluther your site.

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Thanks Wildflower…I’m stayin’

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If we’re all here, we’re all Flutherites!

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Hey, wait a minute, are us AVers being compared to the Marielito boat people? Can’t say that I appreciate that, given that the Marielitos were mostly criminals and mentally ill folks that Castro sent our way.

I am a Fluther newbie, and I did come by way of Askville. In fact, AV is where I first heard of Fluther. Yeah, I did come here because of problems at AV, but not because I was a problem there! And actually, most of the few folks who were “suspended” from Askville didn’t deserve to be suspended in the first place. Nonetheless, we ended up here because we are looking for a new, fun place to hang out. I understand that resident Flutherites might be getting tired of all the AV talk, but please be tolerant, and give us some time to acclimate. This looks like a great place to hang out, meet new people, and learn new things. We won’t be talking about Askville forever, and I know we are not trying to make this into Askville South or something!

Thanks for having us!

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The phrase is actually: “nip this in the bud”

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