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[NSFW]How can humans be sexually attracted towards animals?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) May 29th, 2017

I’m not sure if the bestiality videos are made only for money or there is any real connection between participants. Always wondered how can this be possible having sexual attraction towards any animal or is it form of mental illness?

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I personally haven’t come across a person who is sexually attracted to animals. I have seen this in movies only. I don’t think its a disease or anything,
The interesting thing about human beings is that they can try out anything if they are willing to do. So, maybe there’s just no attraction at all but by conscious thought and willingness to do so, they might do it. I also believe in the power of habit/actions and so constant thoughts about getting sexually attracted to animals, again and again, get ingrained in the head possibly leading to such insane behavior. But I am yet to find one such person like that, albeit I am sure there must be some.

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They are sick pathetic f**ks.

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From the limitless variety of sexual aberrations, I’ve come to believe that the drive itself is a form of mental illness. It’s the one area in life that I find it impossible to even speculate on another person’s wiring for preferences.

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I’m just speculating, but consider anthropomorphization. That is, thinking of animals as if they were humans. (e.g. various sexy cartoons that show “animals” as essentially sexy humans with fur/ear/tail.) Once one thinks of an animal that way, then one might think of them as an exotic type of human, and one that fits various fetishes. Some people have fetishes around shifts in power around sexuality. Animals tend to have a lot less power than humans. So perhaps people attracted to animals are doing some mental gymnastics where it’s not that it’s an animal that’s attracting them, but that it is a sex object person which is exotic and powerless and/or where the relationship avoids various obstacles present in human relationships.

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How can you not look at Chief Bogo and think: “hmm, oh yeah….”

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How can people be sexually attracted to children? There are some sick, sick minds out there and mostly what they think about are their penises and all the different things they can do with them in so many different ways. It just takes over their sick, sick brains.

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It’s a mental illness plain and simple, the same as seeing children as sexual, these types of people are very ill and should seek help, sadly most will not.

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Getting over the sickness part, I imagine that some attraction for both men and women is that the sex partner is something you will never be emotionally attached to. It’s pure physical sex release with no emotions, no need to call back, no need to wine and dine. For women, no need to worry about getting pregnant or any similar thing.

If anything, it’s the maximization of Erika Jong’s zipless fuck (see link(novel))

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^^^ Trying to wrap my mind around this. Can’t they just masturbate? After all, it isn’t really the sex, it’s the orgasm.

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Then there’s the whole furry: phenomenon.

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@Dutchess When I step back and consider men in love with men or women loving women, even pedophiles or folks enamored with corpses, there just appears to be no “normal” as to where any individual is likely to find him or herself on that curve. I just once again count my lucky stars on having the great good fortune to fall somewhere near (what I believe to be) the acceptable mean.

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How does that saying go? Any hole in a storm?

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With humans, I think that desiring sex with animals—its experimenting with the experience itself. Not genuine sexual attraction and certainly not “romantic”. Some may really ‘dig’ the physiology of an animal; it “hugs’ in similar but curiously and sensually different ways than another human would.

Sexual attraction to children has more psychological depth to it: The innocence or purity of the child—and the ‘foulness’ of the repositor. The offender is the fertilizer and the child is fertile. Or perhaps an obsession with the age of a child due to an experience the perpetrator/offender had at that same age. Maybe its even hormonal; I knew a pedophile who never acted on it but confessed to having erections when an elementary school let out. He would park his car and experience or fantasize.

Fetishism with inanimate objects such as shoes or diapers or umbrellas or whatever, usually involves the way an object feels when touching it to the private areas, or experiences with that object.

Homosexuality is a regular sexual attraction like heterosexuality, but has to do with what physiological or psychological or personality qualities make a person feel complete. Some need a male and others need a female.

Many transgender persons don’t really want to be the other sex as they really are, but as they fantasize themselves to be if they were that sex. I think it may be seeking a kind of sexual experience with one’s self.

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@stanleybmanly A human can return love. Anything involving consenting adult humans is “normal.”
An animal or a corpse or a child can not return love and they don’t give consent. They are raped. And the freak gets an orgasm out of it.

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I think my goldfish are cute. But I have never masturbated into the tank. Round one goes to this normal dude.

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Once you try bat, you never go back!

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That’s just psychotic.

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Some sheep are very pretty.~

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Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous…...

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He loves ewe…

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Don’t be surprised. Interspecies sex have already occured in the wild, not to mentioned that human are, technically, also animals. I have seen elephants trying to have sex with rhino and hippo, chicken and duck trying for each others, sheep and goat, dogs and cats, etc so it goes without saying that some human might have different mindset when it comes about sex.

I wouldn’t blame other people if they have different fetishes than mine. Some people like to have sex with sex dolls, members of the their own gender, people of different age and race, animals, or even imaginary creature like alien, etc. Each to their own. We are diverse individuals with complex and multi-coloured mindset.

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There is NO justification for raping any living being. Have sex with a cat, painfully and terrifyingly rip their internal organs to shreds. Well. It’s just a fetish thing.

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But murdering them “for food” is fine.

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Someone made a funny remark about a “ewe”. In Marine Boot, if you use the term “you” to a D.I. they will get all over you’re ass, lol. You calling me a female sheep, maggot? Drop and give me 20!

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We have limitless capacity for projecting. My brother curled up into a ball for a month when his cat died. Clearly, he felt something profound for this non-human. If we can be proud of animals, or worried for them, or angry with them, is it really so strange that they can be found attractive?

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@Dutchess_III I’m going to assume that was for me. All I can say on that matter is that if you really do find it beyond reason that a person can have these desires, then I’m afraid you are poorly acquainted with much of human sexuality.

(If you were actually responding to @ragingloli, I would like to hear a clearer justification for why rape is worse than murder)

Based on your earlier posts, I see that you are confusing desire with action. Perhaps the action is abhorrent and impossible to justify, but the desire shouldn’t really shock anyone. Puzzle, is maybe a stronger position. Disgust? ..I suppose. When I was 10 I saw the sloppy dude/dude kiss in Baseketball and I nearly vomited. My boyfriend used to love that story.

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Do you have children or grandchildren that you would grieve for if they died? Mother? Father? Does that mean you are sexually attracted to them?

FWIW I don’t think rape is worse than murder.

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@Dutchess_III – you didn’t indicate whom you were responding to. You just said “Yes” If you were responding to ragingloli and not me, which was possible, given the similar wording and order of our answers, you would have been asserting that rape was worse than murder. But since that’s apparently not what you meant, let’s just move on, yes?

No, grief is not the same thing as attraction. But it is an emotion we usually reserve for humans, and somewhere along the line it became ok to treat certain animals as humans in certain respects. Given what we can feel for animals, why is sexual attraction so beyond the realm of possibility? Duh it’s a taboo, but given what we know about sexuality, it’s hardly surprising.

Yes, I do have people I would grieve for whom I could never be attracted to. Social evolution has conditioned us nicely not to fall for our siblings, children or parents, but frankly, when I look at the entirety of people that I care about, most are not related to me, and I could be/am attracted to most of them.

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I was responding to you.

Your example of your brother curling up in a ball for a month after the cat died = some sort of physical attraction.
Then, you back peddled with “I do have people I would grieve for whom I could never be attracted to. .

And then you indicate you’re not terribly particular about who you are attracted to. ”... I could be/am attracted to most of them.” And you could be sexually attracted to a cat. So intellect does not factor into what attracts you? Well, that’s pretty base, but whatever trips your trigger.

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Please read more carefully, and refrain from blanket mischarachterizations of me and my arguments, @Dutchess_III

Despite what you may believe, I never said I knew a person with attractions to animals, nor that I am attracted to animals, nor that I am not particular about who I’m attracted to.

I mean, I’m bisexual, and more open to varied types than most people, but if you discount people’s arguments based on their sexual preferences, then I can’t help you.

Please reread my first post on this thread, where I clearly stated that my brother felt “something profound” for his cat. I never said this was “sexual attraction.” In my last post, I clarified this for you. I stated that we often feel towards animals, certain emotions that were once exclusively reserved for humans. Emotions like grief, for instance. I then extended this point to posit that instances of human sexual attraction to animals are therefore hardly surprising, especially given what we know and what we don’t know about the complicated topic of human sexuality.

You don’t need to attack me personally to get your point through. I’m being pretty clear, and consistent, if long winded. So, again, please read with care and consider my statements before we continue.

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I read about a guy having it done with a female dolphin.
For what he wrote it seems as a genuine attraction, plus an animal didn’t mind it at all.
In his opinion the dolphins are somewhat conscious beings so attraction towards one is more or less ok, these are his words.
In my opinion, human females are less prone to ‘game the system’ taking in consideration we have enough problems with the safe sex and unwanted pregnancy even with the male members of our specie nevertheless with the semi-conscious rampant animal which sex drive is like 1000 times our own…

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