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What are my options for getting cash from my checking account without the physical debit card?

Asked by marmoset (1166points) June 1st, 2017

If I go to a branch of the bank and can prove I’m me (that is, if I have my normal IDs, even though I don’t have my debit card), could I withdraw cash at that branch?

If I did so, would they insist on canceling my existing debit card and mailing me a new one? And if so, would I have no way to use the card to pay for anything online until I got the new one in the mail?

(I haven’t reported it lost because I know it’s somewhere in my house – I haven’t been able to find it for months but there have been no unusual charges on it.)

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My guess is that your fate will be determined by the temperament of whichever bank employee you happen
to draw. The way I see it, so cavalier an attitude regarding your debit card raises some intriguing questions.

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The way it’s been done since time immemorial – go to your bank branch and write a check for the amount of cash you wish to withdraw.

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Could writing a check be done without the card in hand?

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I don’t use debit cards but times I’ve gone to the bank without my ATM, I fill out a withdrawal slip and then the teller has me put my ATM PIN on the keypad that’s there at the counter. I show ID and then they give me the money.

If I were you, I’d also consider reporting the card lost or stolen, just to get a replacement. Some banks will give you a replacement immediately, if you go to the branch, at least with the ATM card they will.

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Of course you can write the check without the card if you have valid identification.

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Wow, if my bank could give me an immediate replacement for the card, that would solve all my issues at once. What I definitely don’t want is a period where they’ve canceled the old one and I haven’t yet received the new one (i.e. a period where I’m without a card number that’s usable for making purchases online).

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The only way I withdraw cash is by walking into the bank, filling in a withdrawal slip, and showing my ID. I don’t have a debit card.

You can also write yourself a check, or fill out a check to cash, and use that to get cash.

Just go into the bank and ask them the best way to do it.

They won’t cancel your debit card unless you report it lost.

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My bank can issue an immediate replacement….or just hand me cash with my id.

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Call the bank up and explain the lost card issue, and if you don’t actually report it lost, they won’t cancel the old one. Tell them you think it’s in the house so you’re going to look for it, or if they can issue a replacement immediately, then choose to cancel it and go get a new one. In the meantime you should be able to take out money with ID.

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Most brick and mortar stores in the US will accept a check from a local bank with proper ID. Many of them will allow you to write the check for an amount over purchase in order to receive cash back.

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^^I don’t think most stores still take paper checks. We take them at my business, but we don’t give cash change.

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The only stores I’ve seen that don’t take checks don’t take cards ether – cash only. Admittedly that’s a rarity these days, but there’s still a few shops like that around.

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Can you write a check?

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@Darth_Algar. Interesting. I might be out of the loop on this. I assume grocery stores still take checks, and they give cash back usually. Although, I haven’t seen a check used at a grocery store in years. Thanks goodness. Mall stores, probably still take checks, but they don’t give cash back. Gas stations usually don’t take checks, and a lot of smaller stores have stopped taking checks or never did, but they take credit and debit cards. Especially, places like fast food and other restaurants.

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I’ve used checks in grocery stores, Walmart and Costco.

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Write a check to yourself, sign it in front of the teller at the bank. I do it all the time. Have your legal ID with you!

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Just cash a check in the bank. I thought for sure this was a trick question. Is it?

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@Tropical_Willie Inside the bank it doesn’t matter. He can use a withdrawal slip or get a counter check.

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I know and you know. . . but I think @marmoset is out of checks.

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@marmoset If out of checks she can go to her bank and fill out “generic” check using her ID and bank will have all her other information on file. That’s the kind of check you get until your “own” are printed.

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@Tropical_Willie I dig where you’re coming from.

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I don’t think the OP is out of checks. I think he must be young and grew up in the age of ATM’s and debit cards unlike some of us. Wells Fargo has you swipe your debit card when you go in the bank to make a withdrawal. You don’t have to have a debit card to withdraw, but that’s their standard way of doing it. Other banks might be the same.

It’s very possible the OP has only ever withdrawn money from ATM’s, and not even gone inside a bank ever to do it.

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If you know the debit card number, and you have an iPhone, you could set up Apple Pay, then get cash at a grocery store.

If you know the account number, you can set up a pay pal app accoun, and then get cash.

Otherwise, go to the bank as people describe above.

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Simply tell the bank you need a new bank card. If they ask, say it’s been damaged. Then once it arrives in the mail, activate the new one, which should automatically deactivate the old one. If in doubt, talk to your bank about deleting the old card info from their system once your new one is activated.

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