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When do you use the term tab and when do you use the word link ?

Asked by flo (12304points) June 9th, 2017

This is about computer terminology. I find people use link when it should be tab

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Tab has 2 meanings. It is the typewriter command to advance forward on a form or on a piece of paper. It is also the name for a page in an internet browser. Right now, I have 2 tabs open in my internet browser. One tab has Fluther, and the other tab has my email.

A link is some form of command in a word or string of words that I can click on and go to another page of the internet.

A link is also a place to play golf.

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Tabs are those things at the top of the screen. They’re shaped look like the tops of manila folders that you file stuff in, where you write your info, like the person’s name or whatever.

A link is something you click on to take you to a different page.

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As @Dutchess_III mentioned, tabs should work about like paper filing cabinet tabs, where there is a row of subjects, and selecting one causes a larger connected section of the screen to show data on that subject, while the row of subject tabs should visually show which one is selected and that it is connected to the current one displayed, for example by having the same background color and/or no line separating the selected tab from the display, while the unselected tabs are separated by lines and/or color/shading. Web browsers do this, as do many computer interfaces for programs and settings.

Links can appear anywhere, and change what’s displayed in the current browser window, or launch other programs. In a tabbed browser, clicking a link will change what that tab shows, while clicking a tab will change which tab is selected/shown, but not change what each tab shows when selected.

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RIGHT CLICK on this link. It is a link to my fluther account. You will have a few options. Chose, ‘Open Link In New Tab.’ Select that. You will notice that another tab pops up at the top of your screen. One is to this question, the other is to my account. You just click on the tabs to go back and forth.

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Other examples of tabs are inside the page in @Dutchess_III ‘s example:

Overview Topics (7) Questions (2,262) Responses (47,567) People (164/172) Awards (38)

If you click on any of those, unlike a link where some whole other web page gets loaded and replaces the current page , only the part below the tabs changes to show the selected subject.

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Ah. Yes. Quite. If you have opened my link AND @Zaku ‘s link, you will then see 3 tabs at the top of your screen. One for this question, on for my Fluther account, and one for Timbuktu.

At this time I think we should discuss Timbuktu in some detail. Is it related to BFE?

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In some texts (in exchages between lay people), there’s mixup of the words link and tab (not the tab you’re referring to, but the other thing that’s called tab

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What “other thing” are they calling a tab?

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People who are reading the texts or hearing the conversation: ”….” say “you mean to say tab not link

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…A link is what we the users or a moderator would post (like to Mayo Clinic or a related OP in Fluther, or whatever else) A Fluther user can’t post a tab, only links (i.e urls) Only Fluther has tabs (eg. Home Guidelines…)

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No, Futher guidelines ARE links, @flo, not tabs. To get to them you have to click the link.

Please click on this link.. It’s a screen print of this page.
The things I have outline in red squares at the top are tabs. Neither the users nor the mods have anything much to do with the tabs. It’s something Microsoft provides.

The section I have outlined in a green square contains two links.

Do you understand?

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Asked and answered.

Tabs as in the menu Open in a new Window or Open in a new Tab is not the tab that people are mixing up with the word link
Tabs whether it’s Microsoft: (Google.images tabs computers)
”(4) A visual identifier that appears in a row on screen and serves as a menu. Clicking the tab opens that dialog or page.”
or Fluther’s Guidelines, Ask Fluther etc are like tour guides created by the webdesigners, to take us users around the website. Links on the other hand are urls that anyone posts in (key word) in a message box, answer box, email etc.

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I can’t for the life of me figure out what you think a tab is. Could you send a picture or screen print of what you’re talking about.

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I would like to take back the “tourguide” part from my previous to last post.

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Post a screen print or a picture of the “tabs” you keep referring to.

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