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When you use the term on desktop are you referring to the desktop version on mobile?

Asked by flo (12304points) June 7th, 2017

Or are you referring to the desktop that sits on the desk and is not portable? When I say “on desktop version” I mean on the tablet and when I say “I’m on the desktp” I’m using the desktop the non portable computer.

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What you are saying is correct.

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When I say “on desktop version” I refer to my computer.

On Fluther, however, I refer to in contrast to

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@imrainmaker Thanks.

@Mimishu1995 When you say “on desktop version” people would rightfully think you’re not on the computer (the non-portable kind) They would think you’re on a tablet, smartphone .. because that’s where there are the 2 versions: desktop and mobile.
So, if you continue your questions will be left unanswered or you will get confused by answers and you will have to waste time going back and forth. I suggest do not use the word version if you’re are referring to being on the non-portable computer, since there is no mobile version on desktop computer.

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Personally, if I say on desktop, I mean on a full computer, probably not even a laptop. I do not mean a tablet or other “mobile device”.

If I say “on desktop version”, I mean a version of (a site, in this case) designed for a desktop – that is, a full computer with a screen with many pixels. Many web sites for instance have both, and may offer the desktop version even to people on small screens who are probably on a mobile device.

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@Zaku of course. “I’m on desktop computer”. and
“I’m using the desktop version”
The distinction sounds clear to me but maybe not to those who never used, or hardly ever use a desktop computer.
By the way the list of usernames didn’t show up on both desktop computer and tablet

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