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Have you felt going nowhere in your life?

Asked by imrainmaker (8380points) June 16th, 2017

How to overcome this feeling?

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Every… waking… moment… Save some money and flash it to yourself. Surprising how many problems disappear when you have a load of cash on your hands and in the bank.

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“Going nowhere” relative to what ?....People who live in ‘Third-World’ countries, having no clean drinking water ?.....Someone who is paralyzed from the neck down ??.....A person with a terminal disease ???

You and I are not likely to find the cure for cancer, write a hit song, a best-selling novel, or be the next person to walk on the moon.

Most people will never be the next Madame Curie, Tom Hanks, Martin Luther King, or Bill Gates. But most people are damn lucky to be born when they were, where they were, and get to enjoy a much higher standard of living than almost anyone who lived before them.

Unless I’m wrong, you were BORN somewhere, right out of the gate…..

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Even if you got somewhere you would only be some place else.

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At times. But I’m pretty certain where I’m heading now. The nice thing about getting older after an active, varied and even reckless life, is that you come to terms with your immortality —many people who didn’t do much here, never took risks, never pursued their dreams, have trouble with their immortality when they get old. The grave is right around the corner for me. I’ve had a good time, saw and am still seeing a few things, and I think I might have done something toward the greater good in the process.

I’m cool with where I’m headed.

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I always feel it when I’m going somewhere, it’s a breeze.

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“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” – John Lennon

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I console myself with the fact that I won’t remember how crappy my life was when I am dead. YAY!

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No, not really, I feel bored at times, craving more adventure and travel experiences that I can no longer afford to finance, but I have always been a go with the flow type. Life is about the journey not the destination. Just where are we supposed to be going anyway? Going nowhere is the ultimate adventure, not having it all mapped out, just letting things unfold as they will.

Often, when you least expect it, life delivers a big surprise.

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^^ If that’s the case I’m not expecting anything much as of now..)

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@imrainmaker Well..if you’re not dead you can still be surprised. haha

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