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Do grammar errors annoy you more than people's poor driving skills?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20662points) June 20th, 2017

It seems that grammar errors annoy people more.
So I guess it’s ok drive like a drugged monkey, just don’t write like one.
Or am I wrong?
Ok Teachers, Mods, and uptight ones, fire at will.

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I can look past it when other people do it, but when I do it does irritate me. I hate it when I miss a typo in a Twitter status. They still have no way to edit your live posts, and yet Facebook and even YouTube allow you to do this. So you just have to delete it and repost. So annoying.

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Well….the last time I looked, grammar errors have never paralyzed or killed anyone….

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Of course not. But as both a teacher and a moderator, I’m not empowered to do anything about people’s poor driving skills. It is literally my job, however, to correct grammatical errors.

I also dislike logical errors, like the one that takes someone from “I’ve only seen person A complain about X, so they must care about X more than Y.”

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I hate it when I’m reading something while I’m driving, and I find an error. That causes me to swerve all over the road. I often have to roll down the windows and yell at the top of my lungs about how awful the grammar error was that I found in print. It really irks me, and it disturbs my meditation that I like to do while I’m driving, too. Om.

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Bad grammar won’t kill me or mess up my truck.

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Aw, @SQUEEKY2 did you get modded?

Gosh, what bothers me more is the inability to differentiate the two by context.

Like @Hawaii_Jake. ;-D

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They’re two different domains, and rarely does the same culprit get seen by the same judge doing both activities at the same time. So it seems an odd comparison to choose to draw, or to try to evaluate. No?

Personally, I’d say I’m more bothered than annoyed, and wanting to improve things, when I mention grammar errors. I prefer clear communication, and don’t like having to try to intuit what people mean when they’re writing incorrectly. I choose to express it far more often than I try to tell people they’ve been driving poorly, because there is an easy and safe way to do so with typos. In fact, it sometimes feels good to point out mistakes.

In contrast, when driving, there is rarely a safe and easy and productive way to share my comments. I’m also aware that the impact of me getting upset about other drivers may tend to impair my own attention, driving and decision-making, which is added danger I don’t want. (Unless I’m the only one in the car and it’s one of those annoying undertakers on the highway trying to exploit the safe buffer space I leave. Those people deserve to be cut off. ;-) )

Why did you capitalize Teachers and Mods?

@Hawaii_Jake Nice! Put the pedal to the metal!

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They seem to be equally ubiquitous. Bad news on both fronts.

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No, because bad grammar can’t maim or kill me.

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Two complete unrelated problems, like apple and orange. I can’t compare.

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As we all know, many drivers out there deserve a good, solid beating (at least twice a week).

The same can’t be said for people who don’t understand the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’.....or ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’.

They are dim, and pretty annoying…..but not terribly dangerous…..

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I gave the bird to some white haired fat guy who was riding my ass in town. He chased me for a mile before I could ditch him. I’ll never make that mistake again. He could have had a gun.

I corrected someone’s grammar once on the internet. The person called me names. I blocked them. End of story.

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Grammar errors don’t annoy me but, as @SavoirFaire said, it’s the moderators’ job to deal with them here. I don’t think that someone is stupid or careless if they make an error in their writing but I will ask them to fix it. That’s my job. Then I move on. I am quite forgetful so rarely remember who makes mistakes.

Driving errors don’t annoy me either. I’ll try to give drivers the benefit of the doubt and I try to anticipate what they might do – for example there is a junction I use which has unexpected lane markings. I will anticipate that the driver in front of me in the next lane might suddenly realise they want to be in my lane.

But I do get annoyed by dickish behaviour whether in writing or on the road.

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I get annoyed when I see a Jelly asking the same question, just worded slightly differently, every other week.

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I’m not a grammarian, I could care less. But some moron driving 95 mph in a 70 mph zone asses me off. Or people speeding thru school zones. They should be yanked out of their car and beaten with a tire tool.

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And thank you for pointing it out every other week as well @jca .
Always can count on you for it.

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Oh, no. Grammatical errors can’t kill me me or my children. Driving errors can.
No comparison.

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