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How would you handle or respond to this type of waiter, without resorting to violence?

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I would start by asking if Are We the Baddies?

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Promote him to Manager .

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That type of waiter wouldn’t be in business very long, that’s for sure! I’d leave rather than tolerate his nonsense.

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I’d marry the waiter. Anyone who’s that funny, and who can make me laugh so much, is most certainly a keeper!

I’m not familiar with the TV program. Can anyone provide some info?

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I don’t know. I imagine I’d bust a gut laughing if a waiter spoke to me that way.

@ragingloli My best friend in this world grew up in England, but now lives here in the States.

I sent this to him, suggesting that he might apply for a job at this restaurant, and do very well there. He LOVED it.

Thank you.

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