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What in your opinion and experience is the best hand cream, or item, to get for dry hands?

Asked by nightwolf5 (527points) June 22nd, 2017

There are so many items, which in your thoughts are the very best or work best for you? Thanks.

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I like Bath and Body Works body cream. I mostly use it for my hands but have applied it all over before.

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Corn Huskers is good for really dry, rough skin. But I have also been happy with St. Ives products.

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I’ve always found E45 hand cream to be a pretty amazing option

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I like either Gold Bond or Aveno.

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I like the Body Shop’s products. Their Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector Cream is good. My husband has really dry skin. He found it a little greasy (he finds most hand creams “too greasy!”, so I’m not sure if that’s a valid criticism, but overall he liked it.

I like Vaseline Intensive Care products too. I always take a bottle of that stuff with me when I travel. Slather some of that on your skin and hands after you get out of the shower and it really makes a difference.

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Lubriderm – little to no scent, hydrating, non-greasy, works on any body part.

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I don’t get dry hands, but my mother does and thinks Aveno is the best.

She gives me Aveno as gifts, and has not figured out that the Aveno gifts I send her are the same ones

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I also use lubriderm, only stuff that actually keeps my hands hydrated in the winter.

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I recommend “udder balm”

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I recently discovered this product:

It’s the best hand cream I’ve ever used – nongreasy, very effective, and with a light, appealing scent.

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Along with a good moisturizer, I recommend occasionally doing a paraffin dip.

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Thanks for all the answers everyone. I think I’d like to try the Arianna one, but $25.00 is a little much, right now anyways.

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